nicotine damaged home-how to clean

by C N
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  • C N C N on Jan 09, 2012
    opps- i thought I was doing a search! Okay-any suggestions on the best way to remove nicotine with out having to repaint? I started using amonia,but it is streaking the build up is so bad in a elderly 's home. I was hoping a clean would do with out having to repaint,just touch up.
  • 3po3 3po3 on Jan 09, 2012
    You probably saw this if you ended up doing a search, but there are some good suggestions here: Is there still furniture in there from the smoker days? If so, that could be a problem. Carpet also, but you can do a deep cleaning on the carpet and hopefully get rid of a lot of it. And, if the house is empty now, your best bet might be painting. A fresh coat of paint is always refreshing and really improves a room. Also, it's not all that much work. A lot of deep cleaning methods will probably take as long as painting.
  • Using TSP lots and lots of rags, lots and lots of elbow grease should remove most of the stains. Then you will still need to repaint if you want it to look good again. The yellowing effect of this is such that you cannot get the stain out of the existing paint or trims. Once clean then a oil base primer works best to prevent any leaching of the nicotine through the new finish. While there are water based primers that state they will work. Its a lot of work doing it twice so its better to put up with a little more cost and a slight smell from the primer then have to find out that the primer did not work once you put the finish coat on.
  • Carey Banks Carey Banks on May 15, 2015
    At dollar tree, they have a cleaner, call all purpose cleaner with bleavh. But it's pretty color safe. I believe it has a bleach alternative. It's a white spray bottle with a green label. I just did my mom's bathroom, the walls were orange from nicotine. It just melts right off....also the cleaner took out 20 years of grease and dirt build up out if car u poster and the leather...we were restoring my fiance car.... I swear by it...
  • Wanda Arganbright Wanda Arganbright on May 15, 2015
    If there is carpeting in the home, no matter how many times you wash the walls it will still smell like nicotine. TSP is the best method of cleaning the walls, cabinets, etc. Even TSP will not take out all the yellowing one the walls, and many not take away all of the smoking odors. KILZ Primer will handle the rest. Nothing will work for the carpeting but ripping it out.
  • Taylorlady Taylorlady on Jun 12, 2015
    Bleach based cleaning products help, but you're in for a LOT of elbow grease. You will likely have to paint but use an oil based primer or nicotine will bleed thru go to paint store and tell them problem is nicotine and they will advise you on primer, if you skip this step it will definitely bleed thru. It took me couple of years to redo my Fathers place. GOOD LUCK
  • Tanya Tanya on Aug 09, 2015
    I just purchased a home...the owner was a chain smoker for 37 years. The smell was awful and everything was so yellow! We literally brought the water hose in the windows to clean. We used a cleaner called purple power. We sprayed it on everything...full strength. The nicotine just rolled off the walls and ceilings. We scrubbed, rinsed and used a shop vac to dry everything up. We then sprayed "Vamoose" to eliminate the rest of the smell. I ordered it on line you can google it. Of course we pulled all carpet and flooring up first. Then we painted the whole house with Zinnser (like kilz). Then we painted everything. And we also had the duct work cleaned. There is not a hint of cigarette smell left. You could never tell he smoked in the house. It was hard work but worth it. We got an estimate for a professional to come in...$5000.00....uhh not in our budget, we had to gut the house...sooo 1970's!! Lol! That's where we are now, finishing up all the final details. So just roll your sleeves up and go for it. Good luck!
  • Mary M. Prinzavalli Mary M. Prinzavalli on Jan 25, 2016
    you may also want to have your furnace pipes cleaned. You would be completely surprised if you saw them. Lots of dirt, cobwebs and just about everything. My husband and I had it done at least 3 times in 3 different houses. So much better for breathing and overall health. And sure helps with dusting. They clean everything pipes, air returns, and and the grates where the heat or cooling comes out. I don't know is you have heard of Mean Green, but you can get it at Dollar General and some stores like Lowe's or maybe Home Depot. just spray it on the walls and wash it down with warm water. Works very well. I see that I may be too late for the washing the walls but keep in mind having the furnace cleaned.
  • Deb Deb on Apr 25, 2016
    I've used everything to try and get rid of the nasty orange mess. Even tried Kilz to no avail. I decided to clean it off one last time so I'd have a clean palate and then I sponged the wall with 3 different colors. Now you can't see the nasty nicotine bleed through. At least it doesn't smell. I think when ready to redo the bathroom, the whole wallboard (drywall) will have to be replaced.