Which is better: Swiffer or a mop?

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 31, 2017
    Depends on your Lifestyle!

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Aug 31, 2017
    I never tried Swiffer, so I can't say. The old fashion mop you squeeze out is best for me. The Swiffer mop involves the initial purchase, then refills. Too expensive. Good Luck!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 31, 2017
    Swifter is easier and more sanitary

  • Pennie Collins Pennie Collins on Aug 31, 2017
    Old fashioned mop. More absorbent, less expensive, gets into corners and along walls better. Get cotton strings and you can wash and bleach them. Hang to dry and don't put it away dirty!

  • Kla27790265 Kla27790265 on Aug 31, 2017
    You CAN crochet the Swiffer mop refill. Check it out on YouTube. I think it's a more sanitary solution. Easier to clean the replacement head in the washer...

  • Peggy Beeson Peggy Beeson on Aug 31, 2017
    I love my Swiffer Wet Jet! It's so easy to use. The Swiffer that uses the wet pads is a pia but the Wet Jet is well worth the small investment. (My daughter gave me one for my birthday). I find the liquid last me a long time. I hate mops simply because I feel like after one wring I'm mopping with dirty water. There are ALWAYS coupons for the Swiffer.

  • Glenda Jaquez Dykstra Glenda Jaquez Dykstra on Aug 31, 2017
    I have both. On the swiffer, I use the microfiber cloths that you can wash (like the ones you buy to wash the car). They are reuseable. The handles on the swiffer don't stand up to the pressure you can use with a regular mop for those hard to clean spots though. That is the reason I have both. First mop with regular mop to remove stains, spots, etc.. then use your floor shine or whatever with the swiffer.

  • Judy Judy on Aug 31, 2017

  • Nancy Nancy on Aug 31, 2017
    As a former housekeeper, my preference is a mop. I love Libman's. You can use the hottest water and never have to put your hands in it. The mop head is machine washable and lasts a long time. Swiffer tends to fill up fast which seems to me that you are then Just pushing around the dust and dirt. You also have to keep buying the refills.

  • Mona Mona on Jul 23, 2019