Why do some glasses get foggy after cleaned in the dishwasher?

some don't can they be cleared up and how do you prevent it from happening again?

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  • Keith Lonborg Keith Lonborg on Mar 27, 2018
    If you are talking about mineral deposits, you can clean them with some vinegar and 0000 steel wool. I also use 0000 steel wool to clean my stainless steel silver ware. I have the same problem with some of my glasses and haven't figured out how to prevent it.

  • Cindy Reid Cindy Reid on Mar 27, 2018
    I use vinegar on the last rinse cycle and it works well for me

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 27, 2018
    If you are not using a detergent with a agent ,and jet dry as a separate solution your glasses will develop hard water stains.

  • Nan W. Nan W. on Mar 27, 2018
    Cascade Platinum pods (extra strength 10x or 12x) while expensive, took care of my problem!

  • Russbow Russbow on Mar 27, 2018
    For ALL the problems hard water causes, get a water softener, one that uses salt, the other "electric" so called softeners are a fraud.