How can I remove car oil off my drive way

I have tried many different cleaning products which say they remove oil
Sorry I don’t have a photo

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  • Sandra Lee Sandra Lee on Feb 19, 2018
    Did you try cat litter to absorb the oil and then straight bleach

  • Patti Patti on Feb 19, 2018
    Cat litter to absorb then scrub with Dawn dish soap.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 19, 2018
    Blue dawn dish soap or a purple degreaser

  • Mari Cunningham Mari Cunningham on Feb 19, 2018
    Have you tried Dawn dish liquid and water? I have had success with it and remember, they use this mixture to clean animals after an oil spill! Much success. If this does not work, try baking soda and vinegar to lift it from the cracks of the concrete and eventually lift it all out.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Feb 19, 2018
    Peat moss absorbs oil more effectively than kitty liter. Some brands are Sphag Sorb and New Pig

  • Barbara Morris Barbara Morris on Feb 19, 2018
    Wet your driveway then use a paste of baking soda and blue Dawn dish soap. Use a stiff scrub brush and go to work. It should remove it.

  • Rick Rick on Feb 19, 2018
    Both Dawn & combine with kitty litter worked for us.