Asked on Jul 18, 2017

How to clean wax off flagstone patio?

by Stephanie
I knocked over a citronella bucket style candle. I sopped up as much wax as I could with paper towels and then it got ignored for a while so now it's dirty wax. I've tried Goof Off, soap & water and Comet but it's not budging. I haven't tried re-heating the area and scrubbing. I'm disabled so getting on my hands and knees is not impossible but not a good option. Thanks so much!

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    • Julie M. Julie M. on Jul 26, 2017

      Darn!!!! I would burn the whole house down if I tried that LOL!

  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on Jul 18, 2017

    I'm afraid heating it up is really the only way to go . Melting it and sopping it up with paper towels . But don't hurt yourself . Sit on a stool or bucket , set the blow dryer on high heat and when the wax starts melting , sop it up with a paper towel you're moving around with your foot. Good luck !

    • Stephanie Stephanie on Jul 18, 2017

      Thank you for the information. It's similar to the article Julie found, but that one said to use an iron. I think I'll start with the blow dryer and see how that works. And thank you for being concerned about me not hurting myself.  As luck would have it, the stain is pretty close to an outlet so I won't have to scrounge around for a bunch of extension cords! Thanks again.

  • Tracy Tracy on Jul 18, 2017

    Try Carbona wax & makeup remover, available at grocery stores, laundry isle.

    OR - put ice on it and chip away!

    • Stephanie Stephanie on Jul 18, 2017

      Hmm, make-up remover... I would never have thought about that. I assume you mean liquid, opposed to a cream remover. Certainly can't hurt to try! Thanks Tracy.

  • Lori Lori on Jul 18, 2017

    Try ice to harden then break up as much as possible, then try heat as suggested.