Marble chips

by Cloggynanny
Hi everyone,
I made a mistake when I asked how to clean granite chips in my yard, sorry! I actually meant MARBLE chips, that's why I asked about bleaching. I am trying to whiten them a bit. Thanks, you guys are great!
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  • Susan Martin Susan Martin on Apr 06, 2015
    Hi! I use a fantastic product called 'Wet and Forget'. Been used in NZ for years and also commercially. It dilutes to cover a large area (I still have enough for the next 2 years), so the initial cost, although quite steep, really works out pretty well when you consider how many applications you can get. The joy of it is, that once you have sprayed (on a dry day), it just improves week after week and rainfall actually helps! I got mine from QVCUK but I believe it's now available from many outlets. Hope this helps and happy cleaning! (Even marble!). Let me know how you go. P.S. I'm NOT affiliated to any advertising companies - just personal use.
    • Cloggynanny Cloggynanny on Apr 08, 2015
      @Susan Martin Thank you so much Susan,I am on it ! Will let you know. Thanks again!
  • Lee Govan Lee Govan on Apr 07, 2015
    Hi, I don't know how many you have, I usually lift mine into a wheel barrow, add water and bleach, then stir them around, leave them and come back, stir the around again, tip the bleach solution out, (not on the plants of course) and rinse them off in the barrow. Then put them back in the garden. If you have no plant in with the chips then just spray a 20 to one bleach solution on them an leave it for half an hour and rinse off. The 'wet and forget' idea is great, but it is just watered down industrial bleach and cheaper to use bleach from the super market, just remember to rinse it off.