Asked on Nov 11, 2013

Safe alternative to WD40?

Lulu Dubin
by Lulu Dubin
The door to my baby's bedroom squeaks. This is really bad because I like to check up on him while he's sleeping and it often causes him to stir in his sleep. My husband bought WD40 which I'm sure will do the trick, but to what consequence? I could be wrong, but I believe it is made of a bunch of chemicals to which it's best not to expose my baby. I thought perhaps there's a natural alternative, like olive oil. Will this do the trick? Will it cause some sort of residue? Would appreciate any insight and ideas. Thanks!
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  • WD40 is used for so many things and spraying a tiny bit on the squeaky door will do the trick. It comes out fast so have a paper towel handy. It actually dries so you will not know it is there once it does the trick. Spray and move the door back and forth. wipe off any drips and you are good to go. We have been using it for years around the home and garage. We have kids and pets and since it dries pretty quickly you do not have to worry about any real residue (as long as you do not use too much).
  • WD40 does work. But I find it as a temporary fix. A natural oil works better. You may want to try the olive oil, or a drop of baby oil, vegetable oil or orange oil. I have used Pledge spray on my sliding screen door over the summer and haven't needed to do it again. When I used WD40, I had to keep using it.
  • LandlightS LandlightS on Nov 17, 2013
    WD40 is over popularzied....I would suggest a silicone spray. WD40 will not be a permanent fix, not only for your door hinge, but for everything. Take care of that baby...Gary
  • Mary Mary on Nov 17, 2013
    A spray can of olive oil (or any kind of oil in a can) works just as well. MANY has been the time I was too lazy to go to the basement to get the WD40 and used this item and it works as well.
  • Jena Somers Jena Somers on Dec 15, 2013
    Safe alternative is the key word here right. Okay all oils contain a certain viscosity. Regular Olive oil has a large molecule that makes it a bit sticky over time. dirt will collect on the hinge and over time it can produce an smell. Extra virgin olive oil is better because since it is the purest strain of the oil it has a smaller molecule and it is less likely to collect dirt later on. Mineral oil is actually a petroleum by product much like WD40 but with no compressed chemical additives that make it toxic to breath. Silicone spray works better long term but again there are chemicals used for the compression of the spray. All oil can be hard to managed once used as that it can drip everywhere so choose wisely.
  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jan 28, 2015
    I use a nonaerosal orange oil to lubricate the gears on my oak table. For years I had problems with rust and tightness with those gears (they are how I open and close the table for the leaf). I bought the orange revitalizing oil to shine up the top, and on a hunch, used it on the gears and track the next couple of times (I open it up a couple of times a year). No sticking, no rust since I cleaned it up with the oil, and moves easily when unlocked. I have used it on a door hinge and can tell you from experience, put something behind the hinge just as if you were spray painting it, because the oil residue makes for a time consuming cleanup if you spray something by accident or it goes past the item you are spraying. Otherwise, it is safe, nontoxic and smells nice!
  • Meem Kaplan Meem Kaplan on May 12, 2015
    Graphite. Also you could use a candle.