Any ideas for taming partially used rolls of ribbon?

by Jac
I recently acquired a ka-zillion rolls of fabric ribbon - assorted sizes. Aside from straight pins or tape (which is useless), has anyone found a way to control the cut ends that dangle and unroll? I'm sure some creative Hometalker has solved this so, thanks in advance!
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  • Trish Sharpe Trish Sharpe on Dec 10, 2015
    pop a paperclip onto end of ribbon and slide onto roll of ribbon or attach to side of spool ribbon is attached to?
  • Debbie Renock Debbie Renock on Dec 10, 2015
    I have used rubber bands. Just put one around the spool to secure. I also do this with wrapping paper.
  • Joan Joan on Dec 10, 2015
    Glue dots used for scrap booking work great!
  • Jean Thompson Jean Thompson on Dec 10, 2015
    Zip Lock Baggies-they come in all sizes and the Baggies keep the Ribbon Clean and Dust Free... I use them for my craft Ribbons...
  • Carmen Beaty Carmen Beaty on Dec 10, 2015
    I use 2 rubber ponytail holders from the Dollar Store or you can use pink tape (in the hair accessory section) since it does not stick like traditional tape
  • Roberta Stewart-Fite Roberta Stewart-Fite on Dec 10, 2015
    A very small piece of painters tape and I store mine in the "ribbon jar". Just a simple canning jar holds my ribbon securely, keeps it dust free and looks very pretty on my craft table.
  • Darci Weber Salinas Darci Weber Salinas on Dec 10, 2015
    The paper clip method mentioned before works well and won't wrinkle your ribbon. Another is to cut an inch slit on the edge of the cardboard roll at an angle in the opposite direction of the ribbon and slip the end of the ribbon through it to hold tight.
  • LD LD on Dec 10, 2015
    Go to the office supply store and get good old fashion rubberbands.
  • Linda Linda on Dec 10, 2015
    I also use the pony tail holders. You can get almost a gazillion for net to nothing..
  • Brenda Gilstorf Brenda Gilstorf on Dec 10, 2015
    scotch tape.
  • Sue Britteon Sue Britteon on Dec 10, 2015
    elastic bands or paper clips
  • Jac Jac on Dec 10, 2015
    Thanks everyone! I see you've suggested several ways I'll use, depending on the width of each ribbon. For the narrowest, I like the slit cut into the roll (like a spool of thread). We have a real brain trust here!
  • Elisabet Elisabet on Dec 10, 2015
    I know this problem well and I have always used paper lips - a good bit larger than th width of the ribbon
  • Patricia Patricia on Dec 10, 2015
    How about the clear sticky dots used in scrapbooking.
  • Valerie Valerie on Dec 13, 2015
    I would sort them according to colour, and then wrap them around a piece of cardboard. Use one strip of cardboard for a number of different ribbons, and wrap them alongside each other. Keep them from unravelling using paper clips down the side of the cardboard. I would then store the cardboard strips in a zip-lock bag until you are read to use them.
  • Heidi Zunino Heidi Zunino on Dec 29, 2015
    Old paper towel or toilet paper rolls with a small slit in each end. Attach in one slit and wind around until you get to the other slit, secure by placing final end in that slit. Wrapping around the roles will help prevent links in the ribbon. If they are already there they can be removed with a small diameter curling iron if needed.
  • Lavonne Lavonne on Jan 16, 2016
    place a rubber band around the roll.
  • Heidi Zunino Heidi Zunino on Jan 17, 2016
    Small straight pin, keeps them in check. A small piece of scotch tape works well also. Just make it a short piece as sometimes it will leave a sticky residue so ribbon needs to be cut away.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 10, 2023

    Pin or Band or tape the choice is yours OR don't bother,just throw them in to a clear bag and then enjoy the ferret when you need a particular colour.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 03, 2024

    seems like a good old rubber band you do the trick

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jan 03, 2024

    I use rubber bands, put it around the round part where the ribbon is, not on the container( cardboard spool) holding the ribbon.

  • Betsy Betsy on Jan 03, 2024

    Hi Jac: I wrap mine around tubes from paper towels or tp. I cut a slice in the top to stick the loose end of the ribbon into and then use a wooden dowel to slide the tubes onto to keep them from running around the house. I also have some standing in a box to corral them :) So far, so good :)

  • Use a paper clip.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 08, 2024

    Elastic bands, or Cellotape.