How can I ORGANIZE my hobby room?

I live in a small, one B.R., Apt.. I have my "HOBBY ROOM" in the sm. dining rm.
it is approximate 8'X 8' and it is joined by the kitchen, approx. the same sz..
I do not eat in there.
I design and make occasion cards, and do water color, and some oil painting, also make quilts.
The supplies I use for the cards, take-up the most rm.. I have 5 of the plastic storage bins with drawers in them, and a lg. 5 shelf unit, a folding card table that I do most of my work on, and a sm. kitchen table that I cut material for my sewing projects.

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  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Mar 04, 2018
    There are stands with plastic bins in them and this would be ideal to hold your various supplies. This type of stand I am suggesting was first introduced to hold children's toys. It is angled so that you will be able to see at a glance what is in each bin.

  • Janice Janice on Mar 04, 2018
    Very tall inexpensive bookcase so you have lots of shelves on one wall. Then organize them using those fabric fold up bins you can buy at the Dollar Tree. You could put certain items needed for specific crafts on specific shelves and organize in that way. Tension rods inside between the shelves could house rolls of ribbon, washi tape, duct tape, etc. Since you are into cardmaking perhaps one entire bookcase could house those items You might be able to have shorter bookcase under the kitchen table you use for cutting. Have those facing out from under the table and use plastic bins in the center to store fabrics and other larger less used items. Label everything that is closed in so you don't have to remember what's in the closed bins. Good Luck, it will feel so good to get your items organized so you can accomplish your work without being frustrated while finding the items you need to do the work. Enjoy and create!

  • Eileen Eileen on Mar 04, 2018
    If you need more space to move around, you might want to replace the card table with a "murphy" table. Create a one legged wooden platform that can fold down. You could hinge it to a bookshelf so have more storage and a more narrow and maybe longer table than the card table. I have found card tables to be shaky especially when sewing.

  • Judiwinterset Judiwinterset on Mar 04, 2018
    THANK YOU so very me a good idea.

  • Lahni Carney Lahni Carney on Oct 28, 2019

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