DIY Craft Room Organization Ideas

Need organization ideas for your craft room? You've come to the right place. We have the best, top, and new projects to give you ideas to bring organization to your craft room. Have a question? Ask it on our question boards, or share your expertise on the popular discussions board. Pretty soon you'll be crafting with ease and without any clutter.

Organizing Your Craft Room
Take inventory
Figure out what supplies you have and what storage containers and accessories you’ll need to best organize them.
Label everything
Use labels to make sure you know where everything is. Group items and store them in separate, labeled containers for easy access.
Repurpose drawers
Add more storage inside your drawers using silverware or jewelry drawer organizers. Alternatively, you can make your own custom organizers.
Use magnetic strips as storage
For your metal supplies such as scissors or pins, consider adding a magnetic bar where you can grab and put things back as necessary.
Organize by color
Organizing your supplies by color will not only look pretty but make things easier to find as well.
Top Projects for Craft Room Organization

Here are our top craft room organization projects. Banish that clutter.