DIY Craft Room Shelf Ideas

The biggest waste of storage space is vertical space. Use shelves to make the most of the vertical space in your craft room. Check out Hometalk's best, top, and newest craft room shelving projects. Join the conversation happening now on the discussion board or ask a question and get an answer. Hometalk has what you need for your craft room shelves.

Shelves in the Craft Room

Utilize wall space

A craft is not complete without plenty of storage, which is why full advantage must be taken of wall space for shelves.

Store at many levels

The underside of a shelf can be used for storage. Simply screw lids onto the shelves and then twist the jars on and off for extra storage.

Use ladders for storage

Shelves come in all shapes and sizes, and an alternative to those hung on the wall would be a ladder shelf. This also makes a great display.

Create paper storage

Stack plastic trays inside shelves as a place to store paper and keep it crisp and ready to be used. Organize these by color and size.

Go unconventional

Towel rods can be used as shelves. You can hang things off them, such as buckets with supplies inside them.

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Craft Room Shelving Videos

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Multitasking DIY: One Peg Board - Thousands of Possibilities

I have the ultimate musthave multitasking home DIY for you today (because it's very easy to make and mega manifold), you'll want to have it, too! I'm probably not the first one to make such a peg board and it's possible that you find a board with ready-made holes in the building supplies store, but I had fun making this one myself and was surprised to see how many possibilities it offers - and it's quite cheap and very easy to make (I would presume even somebody with two left hands would be able to do it). It took me much longer to style and put the board in scene, make photos and edit them, than it took me to make it (including drying time for the layers of paint)! My DIY is a magnetic storage, organization and deco board made of wood, which can be used with / without wooden pegs. There are thousands of possibilities and the nicest thing is that you can use it in every room of the house. "Pure" it's like an object of art. Find even more photos and ideas on my blog!

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