DIY Craft Room Furniture Ideas

If you're looking for the perfect furniture for your craft room we've got you covered. We have the ideas and tips to get you started, from discussion boards to video tutorials to slideshows. Browse our best, top, and newest craft room furniture projects to find what's right for you. Hometalk can help you create your space. Happy crafting!

Furniture for the Craft Room

Choose the right surface

The type of surface in any craft room depends on what type of crafts you do. Think about your needs so you can choose the right one for you.

Pick functional chairs

Choose chairs to complement your work surface and match its height. If you're spending long hours crafting, think about ergonomics.

Include optimal cabinet space

Cabinets are a great addition to a craft room, providing a place to store supplies that are out of sight, leaving the space clutter-free.

Installing shelves for storage

Shelves are essential for storing supplies in any craft room. Vary their heights and sizes so that they meet your needs.

Repurposing a chest of drawers

A chest of drawers may seem better for storing clothing, but using drawer organizers can help you store craft supplies instead.

Top Projects for Craft Room Furniture

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Craft RoomFurniture Videos

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Ikea DIY Desk Hack

Linnmon and Lerberg Ikea desk hackI got a new desk! I am just finishing off re-decorating my office/sewing room and I was badly in need of a new desk. I needed something that was going to be sturdy enough to sew off and something that would double up as an office desk too. I was looking at some second-hand desks and scrolling online but I couldn't find what I had in mind. I then had a look on the Ikea website for some ideas. I was also limited for space and was restricted in how big my desk could be. I stumbled across the Linnmon table top and loved that you can pick different legs to match. I wanted something that would pick up the new colours in my room so I decided to give my table a mini make-over so it would match my room better.

Dry Brush Painting Technique

I learned the dry brush technique many years ago when I painted ceramics. Who knew that all these years later, I would apply that knowledge to furniture projects! I have done this on a few projects now, and I never really get into the detail of the process. So, here is a little tutorial for how to dry brush paint. For this tutorial, I will be working with a wooden appliqué. I generally use these appliqués to enhance a furniture piece. I have a couple of posts that show how I use these appliqués on furniture.

Floating Desk Build

When Steph decided to turn her guest room into an office, it was apparent she needed a new desk. There is a great nook in the room that just cried out for a built in, floating desk. Research on the web showed it was a completely do-able project, so we thought, why not? We don't necessarily encourage you to use our step by step tutorial but encourage you to study our procedure as a way to education yourself on how to and how not to do things if you decide to build your own floating desk. We are so happy we tried this, we learned so much from it, and are excited to share! We bought some new materials for this but also reused a lot of materials we had.

A Desk Painted With Metal Effects

The first time I heard people painted furniture in metallic colors I thought "Not me! Never!" Then about a year ago a customer asked me to paint her nightstands in silver. Well... that was the beginning of my love story with metallic paints. Now, several projects later, I am a big, big fan.

New Craft Room Furniture Projects

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