DIY Craft Room Furniture Ideas

If you're looking for the perfect furniture for your craft room we've got you covered. We have the ideas and tips to get you started, from discussion boards to video tutorials to slideshows. Browse our best, top, and newest craft room furniture projects to find what's right for you. Hometalk can help you create your space. Happy crafting!

Furniture for the Craft Room
Choose the right surface
The type of surface in any craft room depends on what type of crafts you do. Think about your needs so you can choose the right one for you.
Pick functional chairs
Choose chairs to complement your work surface and match its height. If you're spending long hours crafting, think about ergonomics.
Include optimal cabinet space
Cabinets are a great addition to a craft room, providing a place to store supplies that are out of sight, leaving the space clutter-free.
Installing shelves for storage
Shelves are essential for storing supplies in any craft room. Vary their heights and sizes so that they meet your needs.
Repurposing a chest of drawers
A chest of drawers may seem better for storing clothing, but using drawer organizers can help you store craft supplies instead.
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DIY Craft Table

I am an avid budget friendly DIYer… In fact, I love crafting so much that I decided to turn a hobby into somewhat of a business. The only problem is that my crafting addiction was taking over my home. There were craft supplies on the dining table, on the kitchen counter, in the living room, in the bathtub. Ok, maybe not the bathtub, but literally they were everywhere! I have a spare bedroom that served as storage and that is just no way to live! So I decided I would clean it up and create my very own craft space. I began my project with a DIY craft table!

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In this HT tutorial, I show you how to attach table top to base using threaded inserts that easily disassembles. This method works well for trestle wood tables without an apron. Be sure to visit my blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel for DIY tutorials & handmade items.

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Minecraft in real life is real fun! Here is a fun piece of minecraft inspired furniture that i built for Astor Services. I really enjoyed building this custom piece of furniture for the kids to enjoy. And i hope that you enjoy this video!! And HUGE thanks to Hilarie Burton and Jeffery Dean Morgan for all they do for ASTOR.

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