DIY Craft Room Storage Ideas

Has craft room storage got you stumped? We have the DIY smart solutions to your craft room storage problems. Check out our discussion boards, video tutorials, slideshows, and best projects. This is the place to get tips, hacks, and inspiration to make your craft room super functional. What are you waiting for?

Ultimate Craft Room Storage

Make use of all available space

Create new storage by installing shelves as well as a pegboard to take advantage of all the vertical space in a room.

Recycle jars for storage

Mason jars are a great place to store small supplies from pens to buttons. Make them your own with labels and a bit of spray paint.

Transform a paper towel holder

A paper towel roll can easily be repurposed to become storage for multiple ribbons. Upcycle many items in your home for a similar effect.

Turn a closet into a craft room

Customize a closet with ample shelves and drawers and turn it into storage for your supplies. Install a desk and it can be a workspace too.

Work on a taller table

By installing a taller table in your craft room, you’re providing yourself with a workspace on top and extra storage underneath.

Top Projects for Craft Room Storage

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