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Cabinets in the Craft Room

Tidy up using cabinets

Cabinets are an essential way to keep your craft room organized and tidy. Every supply should have a place in which to be put away.

Create unique cabinet solutions

For extra storage, cabinets can be installed into your desk. This will make supplies that bit more accessible while giving you more space.

Use rolling storage in cabinets

Give your storage cabinet wheels so that your supplies can be relocated around the room as and when you need them.

Allow for extra space

Get a bigger cabinet than you might think you need - you'll want enough space as your craft room and supplies continue to expand!

Find items quickly with labels

Find everything you need within the craft room cabinets when you need it by labelling where each type of supplies is.

Top Projects for Craft Room Cabinets

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Craft Room Cabinet Videos

DIY craft room cabinet video tutorials for you to enjoy. Don't forget to take notes.

Blue Chalk Paint & Dark Wax Vanity Makeover

Hi! I've just given my Master Bathroom a full remodel, but I decided to rescue and refinish the built in vanities. This house was built about 25 years ago. And, I'm pretty sure the vanities hadn't been painted since then. They were pretty badly chipped and dinged all over the doors and drawers. But since they were 3/4" thick built in wood vanities with a pretty moulding design, I decided I'd save them. And, I'm so glad I did. I love them with this new look!I actually did 4 easy and low cost updates to these vanities: 1) the new paint 2) built the garbage can into the door 3) switched the knobs 4) added stained plywood liners to the cabinets. You can get a good look and explanation of what I did in the video.

Its All About The Pantry Today

Happy Sunday you guys todays video is about on how Ismael connected the cabinets together. That he purchase from The Habitat for Humanity. The granite was a donation from this lovely couple. The top of the Pantry was also started on. I hope you guys enjoy this video be Blessed and I will see you the next one.

Cheap LIVE EDGE DESK (ikea Hack)

Learn to make a look a like live edge desk for under $20. Ikea cabinets around $79

Epoxy Resin Ocean Table That GLOWS in the Dark

In this tutorial, I show you how to make an epoxy resin ocean table that glows in the dark and why this table has special meaning to my family and me. Be sure to watch the video for more detailed instruction. IMPORTANT: Although this project may seem difficult to make, it is not. It is made with 2x4s and very simple techniques. I realize many Hometalkers don't have the tools I used to build this project, so I'll do my best to include alternate tools/techniques to accomplish the same task throughout the project. I cover the construction of the table during the first few steps of this post; however, this ocean table can be built on any type of table top that is shaped like a beach (flat beach with slope for ocean). In other words, ignore the first few steps if you already have a sloped table or have other ideas on how to create a sloped table.My family and I love spending time at the beach. We love the sand, the ocean, the warm sun, and everything a day at the beach has to offer. On second thought, we love everything minus the occasional chain-smoker upwind and the sporadic sibling argument over plastic shovels.My wife and I purchased a home in Destin, Florida in 2012 and we live there 3 months out of the year. Destin, Florida is only a 3 hour and 30 minute drive from our home in Louisiana and I’ve visited this southern paradise (aka ‘Redneck Riviera’) since I can remember.Stacey (my wife) has a cricut and she is quite crafty when time permits (Time permits = our kids aren’t calling her name every 3 seconds).Furthermore, the cricut has yet to find a permanent home despite the fact I bought her the cricut over 1 year ago. As a result, I decided to build a table with storage as a Mother’s Day gift for Stacey.My goal was to incorporate as many things (places, items, etc.) into this table that I possibly could. In other words, I want this table to make her smile each time she has an opportunity to sit in front of it.I placed sea shells, sand dollars, and Mickey Mouse ears on the table. Stacey loves to find seashells, find sand dollars, and she loves anything related to Disney.The epoxy resin ocean table bottom is comprised of two storage cabinets with 4 drawers each. In an effort to keep the video at a reasonable length for today’s ever-shrinking attention spans, I decided to make that a separate project. Be on the lookout for that soon.

New Craft Room Cabinet Projects

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