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These six super creative DIY computer desks will get you inspired for your next DIY!

1. Roadside Trash Into A Computer Desk Treasure

Find creative inspiration perfect for your home office with this easy DIY computer desk transformation. If you’ve flipped wood furniture before, this project will be a breeze to complete. All you’ll need is an old foyer table (which this DIYer was lucky to find on the side of the road), and a few other simple supplies you can find at any hardware and craft store. You’ll love seeing what a bit of polish, paint, and elbow grease can do for the finished result. This is a project that will have you scanning your neighborhood’s curbs to see what else can be turned into treasure, too!

2. Beautiful Wood DIY Computer Desk

If you’re in need of a computer desk, why not make one yourself? This sturdy DIY computer desk comes together from scratch. All that’s needed to complete this project are a few standard woodshop tools and materials you can get with just a quick trip to the lumber store. The desk is wide enough to hold all your desktop office supplies, and also has an area to contain all the wire and cables from computer equipment. Check out this step-by-step guide to see how a few simple pieces of wood can become a computer desk you’ll be proud to say you made yourself.  

3. Re-purposed Door To New Computer Desk

If you’ve looked into buying a new computer desk from a store, you might have noticed they can be pretty pricey. Instead, this DIY project saves money with the clever solution of using an old door as the desktop. The uses people can find for old doors are endlessly imaginative, and this computer desk project is no different. All this project requires is an old door, pencil drawers, and several other items to repurpose into a brand new computer desk. Even if you’re a newbie to DIY projects, this project can easily be completed over a few weekends with a partner’s help.

4. Computer Desk Makeover

You’ll be amazed at the beautiful transformation given to this old computer desk. And, for an old computer desk that’s definitely seen better days, you’ll love finding out how easy it can be to give it a DIY makeover all by yourself. This computer desk transformation takes an old, beat up computer desk, and revives it with a new, eye-catching diamond pattern. And, the best part is that it’s very simple to complete in a few easy-to-follow steps. All that’s required is a bit of sanding, staining, and a few other items to turn a shabby desk into a sparkling crown jewel.

5. Beautiful Counter top to Desktop

Butcher block counter tops currently are all the trend for kitchen design. And, as this project shows, they also can be a savvy DIY solution to inexpensively upgrade your computer desktop. All this project uses are a few 2x4s and a few other simple supplies to create a computer desk top with a beautiful, custom butcher block effect. And, this DIY project has a clever solution to avoid the rounded edges of the 2x4s. The end result of this easy DIY is a beautifully upgraded counter top that saves a lot of money compared to purchasing a brand new one.    

6. An Old Door Turned New Desk

Found items are made new again with this simple DIY computer desk project that re-purposes an old door. If you’re new to DIY projects, this is a perfect project to try, as it’s easy to complete in a short amount of time. First, you’ll want to find a sturdy door as the computer desk top. In addition to the door, you’ll be amazed to see how a resale find for the base, fresh coats of paint, and a unique finishing touch all add up to make an elegant computer desk that you won’t want to hide in an office corner.   

Suggested materials:
  • Desk
  • Butcher Block
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