Sewing Thread Organizer and Storage

Kimberly Young
by Kimberly Young
2 Hours
I saw an idea for a sewing thread organizer on Pinterest that I wanted. My wonderful husband took it a step further and built one with doors on it to keep out the dust. It was so simple and brilliant and only took a couple of hours to complete. Check it out!
Here is the finished cabinet.
We bought two inexpensive medicine cabinets from Home Depot. Each came with two adj shelves. We also bought two 90" filler pieces from the Kitchen cabinet dept that were prefinished.
We cut each length of finished oak into 6 shelves that were the width of the cabinet and 3/4" less than the depth of the cabinet.
We cut a spacer to help with nailing the shelves into place.
We added 1 1/4" wire nails to the front of the shelves to hold the bobbins. The pliers helped us to make sure the nails were in at the same depth.
He put the shelves that came with the cabinets in between before screwing the cabinets together. Then we mounted it on the wall.
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  • Betty Miller Betty Miller on Jan 06, 2016
    Actually it is better to have the mirrors for your thread. Light is enemy of thread also. So solid doors protect it. Handy husbands are great he deserves at least a hug!!!
  • Carey Carey on Sep 02, 2016
    I had a really excellent and handy hubby for 53 years. One time, I told him that I would really like a cabinet with glass doors to put my pretty glasses in. We had a hole in the wall was was intended to be a pass through to the dining room, but we never used it. One day, I came home from work and he had built the cabinet and had it in place. The next day, we went to town and purchased the glass doors. I sure hated to leave that cabinet behind when we had to move!!! It was beautiful as well as functional.