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Dezinefun with Michelle
by Dezinefun with Michelle
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I do a lot of craft projects which means I use hot glue all of the time. during my projects, my glue gun would fall all over the table and sometimes even to the floor! I decided to make a glue gun stand of my own. I really wasn't up for all of the measurements on card board so I made this super easy glue gun stand using all dollar tree items and it's working great!
I picked up a clear plastic picture frame and a blue silicone pot holder. The pot holder can withstand up to 500 degrees.
I picked up a clear plastic napkin holder.
I picked up a clear plastic butter dish.
I flip the napkin holder over onto the silicone pad and measure and mark it with a pen.
I cut out the silicone pad. One piece for the bottom of the butter dish and the other for the bottom of the napkin holder.
I flip the picture frame over and hot glue the butter dish to the right side.
I hot glue the napkin holder to the left side of the frame.
I put the other piece of the silicone pad into the bottom of the napkin holder. This will allow the glue from the gun to drip and not build up on the plastic napkin holder. Hot glue can't stick to the silicone. It can easily be rubbed off.

This glue gun stand is super functiona! It holds my glue sticks and my glue gun. I'm much more efficient when doing my diy projects!
The video shows step by step instructions.
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic picture frame   (Dollar tree)
  • Plastic napkin holder   (Dollar tree)
  • Plastic butter dish   (Dollar tree)
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