Ribbon roll storage

I have hundreds of ribbon rolls and need a really good and space saving way to store them. Any suggestions?
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  • Hello. I remember seeing others post on here on this topic and there are lots of good ideas. Take a look. http://m.hometalk.com/search/posts?filter=Ribbon%20storage

  • Mary Bennett Mary Bennett on Mar 11, 2015
    The first thing that came to mind with your question is a wooden dowel rod. You can usually buy them at places like Home Depot or any Home improvement store. Where to put it? That's for you to decide! In a closet, or smaller cabinet is where I have one. Above a shelf that I store lots of my sewing things. Mine is an old Sauder TV stand. The kind that is small, but has 2 doors on it, & 2 shelves inside. I set my portable sewing machine on the top to sew also. I found this stand at a garage sale about 24 years ago for $5.00 Dowel rods are wood, & come in different sizes around, & length. It works great for ribbon spools. Good luck!

  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Mar 11, 2015
    RCooper gave you a good suggestion. Good luck. Show us pictures of what you decide.

  • Lee Govan Lee Govan on Mar 11, 2015
    As a florist there are a lot of ribbon dispensers on the market that will hold anywhere up to 50 reels. Alternatively use dowels that can slip outof the holder ans set them vertically up the wall. good luck

  • 512181 512181 on Mar 11, 2015
    I saw them stored in a regular rain gutter that had been attached to the wall. I thought that was a great idea. I don't like them on a dowel, because I don't like taking the roll off the dowel if I want to use the ribbon somewhere else. I store mine in those magazine containers that store on a shelf and mark on the outside what colors are in each one.

    • Marcella Hazelwood Marcella Hazelwood on Mar 11, 2015
      @Lynda davis that gutter is cool idea but my space is limted and its in a sunroom, leaving me 1 brick wall and the rest glass. thats why i need space saving, but thank u. i love looking outside the box or should i say gutter for answers

  • Mary Karas Mary Karas on Mar 11, 2015
    I bought a hangar from Goodwill for .98 to organize my spools. It's metal and would normally hold 5 pairs of slacks. One end of each rod lifts slightly to get the slacks/spools on and off. I actually have 4 of them hanging on a rod in the closet of my craft room.

  • Julie Piggott Julie Piggott on Mar 11, 2015
    I have seen someone use old Shoe boxes. Make dividing walls, make a little 'u' shape hole on one side, pop ribbon in box with a little hanging over the edge, and bingo, one ribbon holder. Also have seen old cello tape dispensers used, the plastic round sphere sort, are also great.

  • Lois Lois on Mar 11, 2015
    I have seen inexpensive towel bars used and twine from wall to another tied to cup hooks so u can slip know off hook to got whatever roll u needto add or replace roll. I have seen tension rods used. I like this idea best. You can do this in cabinet or larger rods in closets.

    • Marcella Hazelwood Marcella Hazelwood on Mar 11, 2015
      @Lois i do like the tension rods, all i have , as , furniture in this room is 2a hoosier cabinet, a wooden chinacabinet and a dresser full of wool. i think i could put the tension rods in the hoosier cabinet (3 in each shelf) and make it colorful, i will let u guys know

  • Terri S Terri S on Mar 11, 2015
    me too, I'm a crafter. So I bought 2 lengths of chain, and some dowel rods and placed a bunch of ribbon rolls on each rod and hooked through the chain and hung up on the closet door in the room where I create. Works great, the rolls can be used while still hanging there, Oh, I hung the chains on over the door hooks.

    • Marcella Hazelwood Marcella Hazelwood on Mar 11, 2015
      @Terri S have 1 door and it goes thru kitchen to sun/sewing room, so not sure that would work, but thank u sew much

    • Marcella Hazelwood Marcella Hazelwood on Mar 11, 2015
      @Danielle i love this idea. i might try to male this or have my wonderful husband make it, and just lean it up against a wall. thank u sew much

  • Wendy Wendy on Mar 11, 2015
    I saw a post where they put cup screws in an old picture frame and then put the spools of ribbon on dowels and hung them on the picture frame. You could paint the frame to match your room.

  • Kellie White Butler Kellie White Butler on Mar 11, 2015
    I love the idea of putting them on dowels. I have a pegboard and have the hooks that will be large enough to just lay the dowel in the hook of it. This will create space for ribbon, washi tape, vinyl (for cricut), bakers twine, wrapping paper and so many more things. (^_^)

  • Joline Cosman Joline Cosman on Mar 11, 2015
    @Marcella Hazelwood I hope I am not repeating someone, but I saw a suggestion on Pinterest to use a PANTS hanger. They have 4 to 6 "rungs" on them, and each one has a hinge and an open end, so you can store a bunch of rolls on each rung ! Hang on the wall, or in a closet.

  • Kellie Hoople Kellie Hoople on Mar 11, 2015
    I hang mine on a pant organizer for the closet, the type that the arms swing out. It holds a lot!

  • Marinet van Wanrooy Marinet van Wanrooy on Mar 11, 2015
    Pringles cartons, cut them in half, or only an small piece of it over the full length. Have the same problem, didn't try yet :-)

  • I used multiple sizes of PVC pipe and dowel rods (Lowe's), both wrapped in pretty Duct tape and hung them on my window facing! I now have ribbon rolls, washi tape, clips baskets.... whatever I wanted to hang is hanging on those rods!!! The PVC pipe makes inexpensive curtain rods too!! oma1159@gmail.com

  • Gail Flory Gail Flory on Mar 11, 2015
    I seen a desk top cabinet with several shelves. It had a dowel rod about 1/4 way up and a thin strip of wood to keep ribbon down in front. It was perfect. It won't let me paste a picture but if you want you can contact me

    • Marcella Hazelwood Marcella Hazelwood on Mar 11, 2015
      @Gail Flory someone suggested dowel rods and i suggested my cabinet with several of the rods in them, just like u did. funny how all us crafters think alike

  • Bet957665 Bet957665 on Mar 11, 2015
    I have a black plastic rectangular bin that has holes on all 4 sides. I stood the rolls upright in the bin & pulled the end of each ribbon thru one of the holes. The bin keeps the spools upright & the holes allow the color & size of the ribbon to be seen easily. Sometimes I just pull the ribbon thru the hole & cut off what I need; other times I remove the roll completely when I'm not sure how much ribbon I will need. I like the bin idea much better than dowels. There's less chance the ribbons will get unrolled by accident.

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    • Marcella Hazelwood Marcella Hazelwood on Mar 11, 2015
      just wanna say thaks for all the help everyone sew willingly offered. i hope to show what i decide to do with you all.

  • Jan Shore Jan Shore on Mar 12, 2015
    My idea my take a bit of DIYing but it should not be too hard. Starting from the bottom. A square of wood, maybe 12 X 12, to the wood attach a tall round rather thick piece of wood, (just plain), drill holes spaced around the tall piece, screw or glue in approximately 6 - 8 inch dowels in your holes. There you have in a 1 foot space, storage for hundreds of ribbons. I have a shorter version of this and it is especially helpful. If you need a pic, I can get it to you.

  • Linda Green Linda Green on Mar 13, 2015
    I had a shelf unit with 3 shelves that was made to store vhs tapes. I bought some plastic guttering at Lowes and cut three lengths, one for each shelf. I just set all my rolls of ribbon in the gutters and every roll is simple to remove and use and there is no messy raveling or having to "un-stack" rolls when one becomes empty. Easy-Peasy!!!!! Love it!!!