Painting and teaching studio ideas needed!

I have a 15'x32' studio above my garage where I want to do my painting, refinishing, light upholstery, and teach "how to's" I am STUCK with how to make this spot productive AND aesthetically beautiful ~any suggestions are appreciated!
q ideas to make a painting teaching studio beautiful, craft rooms, home decor, home office, how to, wall decor, White walls and plenty of light great flooring trying to pull this together
White walls and plenty of light, great flooring, trying to pull this together|
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  • Maria Levandowski Maria Levandowski on Jan 21, 2015
    I suggest full spectrum lighting if possible which you can accomplish by mixing up the light bulbs you use. I have also used a mirror in my home studio - it can reflect light when needed and is great for finding the "off" thing that one can't put their finger on (seeing it reverse reveals things the mind doesn't see) and lastly it's useful for self portraits if that's something you may be doing. A fan to move the air, especially if solvents are being used, will likely be appreciated. Pale yellow is a great color background for displaying finished works. It looks like a great space! I'm envious! Enjoy.

    • Marion Marion on Jan 21, 2015
      I am so thankful for the time that you spent writing this reply to my studio dilemma thank you for all of the great ideas!

  • Berniece Knotts Berniece Knotts on Jan 21, 2015
    I love those windows. I would wallpaper the window wall to accent them. Or use an accent paint color on it. A couple of porch & patio area rugs would be a practical addition. They are washable and would protect those beautiful floors.

    • Marion Marion on Jan 21, 2015
      I was so afraid to add color to any of the walls because of light shadows or bouncing😳 I am. COLOR/COLOUR fanatic..LOL, bright, cheerful rug...will do! Can't put a lot down bc of the sanding and chalk painting I do.

  • Joy Cantrell Joy Cantrell on Jan 21, 2015
    use chalk board paint in different colors and white board paint that way when you need to sketch out an idea you have a place where it can be seen and referred to easily

  • Carol Oswald Carol Oswald on Jan 21, 2015
    You need some more outlets? You could add texture to the walls instead of color, your accent wall could have wainscoting, pallet wood, reclaimed wood of any kind, stripes of off-white, you could add built-ins around the window for people to sit and enjoy the view or to visit with you while you work. You could add curtain rods at the ceiling all the way across the end wall to frame the lovely window. There is much you can do to add pops of color or visual texture in order to add interest without causing any issues with color reflection. Someone on another post recommended painting the thin edge of the door with a pop of color for fun. I think that would look good too.

    • Carol Oswald Carol Oswald on Jan 22, 2015
      Marion, I just noticed you are VERY close to me. :) Ventilation can be done by a good vent fan in the ceiling. Just choose one that is going to be basically silent. You do not want it rattling while people are trying to concentrate. Seating is one of those things that are individual taste. It is simple to start with folding chairs and tables, but please make sure you do not get those cheapie plastic tables. They do not work well for certain types of projects. You can get tables from any location selling used tables and then you can paint or treat the surfaces if needed. Or you can order a set of 3 or 4 tables from an office supply store. I would go with some warm surfaces in the room to give it some character. @

  • Tina C Tina C on Jan 21, 2015
    Since you will be teaching you will need sitting spaces, working spaces and an area to just hang out -- try to look at the space as a couple of different departments and things will naturally end up where they belong once you get started. Make sure you consider ventilation...

  • SJazz SJazz on Jan 21, 2015
    One wall mirrored like a ballet studio. Gray or navy chalkboard wall

  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Jan 21, 2015
    Need several large sturdy tables for different projects.dont forget some music!great ballroom!i am so jealous!!!!Love one big chalkboard wall! a small sofa would be great,maybe a wine bar setup for breaks

  • Artist In The Garden Artist In The Garden on Jan 22, 2015
    Excellent air circulation and vents. I fainted and fell down in a poorly vented oil painting class. A law suit will ruin everything. Inspiration is a good thing. An out of the box idea for students is logical. How about a 3-D object hanging from the ceiling with scenery painted onto it. A painted light shade, driftwood or lightweight feather-rock would be cool. Live plants growing out of a painting would also be very interesting. Good luck !