Coffee table center piece

I'm having trouble finding a nautical center piece for a coffee table.
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  • Ginne Ginne on Jan 31, 2016
    If you have a Marshals near you they have some great nautical finds. Or even a Home Goods store

  • Sheryl Gilliland Sheryl Gilliland on Jan 31, 2016
    Try an aquarium store. They have wall size tanks to small tanks and all the decorations sized to fit, mix these with large hemp rope and it is nautical.

  • Jackie Billington Jackie Billington on Jan 31, 2016
    get an old picture frame paint from a blue or teal.... under the glass part put sand and shells then hot glue frame to coffee table or even use a shadow box and make a sea them with old ships etc

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 31, 2016
    Nautical themes are very big these days. Home goods ,TJX and Marshals all carry a large variety. I also have seen many items available in Arts and Craft stores.

  • Juli Albright Juli Albright on Jan 31, 2016
    My "coffee table" is an antique lobster trap :) I have a large reed tray on top of it with a jar of small shells in it, and several large shells and starfish in it.

  • Jean Thompson Jean Thompson on Jan 31, 2016
    I used to get a Magazine years ago that was out of the New England States and there were lots of Pictures of Old Sailing Ships, Ships Compasses, Rope Knots, Old Sailing Maps, You could decoupage a plain Vase or a Box or Bowl, I like the Suggestion above about a Shadow Box and put sand Shells and Knots in there.. How about a old Telescope like they used to look for land with...These are some ideas..

  • Ltt834476 Ltt834476 on Jan 31, 2016
    I had my living living room like that before. I've used a sail boat, a fishing boat and I've even had a pretty glass bowl that had a pretty brass design as the stand. And I had different star fish, shells, etc....It looked really pretty.

  • Jen R Jen R on Feb 02, 2016
    How about an interesting piece of drift wood or a faux piece of coral? If not large enough for the size of your table, you could stack on some ocean or boat themed coffee table books.

  • Heidi Heidi on Feb 02, 2016
    I like Zuilly, if they don't have something today, check back tomorrow, stock is always changing. Ross, TJ Max and all good too.