1. DIY firework lamps

First up, Chas transforms a simple pool noodle into a stunning piece of outdoor decor for her 4th of July celebrations. By adding red, white, and blue elements, along with star stickers and firecracker-like lights, you can create a patriotic-themed decoration.

The process involves marking lines with white athletic tape, wrapping the top with blue duct tape, adding star stickers, inserting the lights into the noodle, preparing a broom handle for stability, and setting up the lights outdoors.

The end result is a beautiful and festive 4th of July decoration that will shine both day and night. Get tutorial here

2. Flower pot Uncle Sam

Chas also has another great craft for 4th July: a flower pot Uncle Sam made from terra cotta flower pots. The process involves prepping the flower pots, painting them with suitable paint, adding a face, hair, and beard using a mop, connecting the flower pots together, and embellishing them with accessories like a bow tie and belt.
This fun Uncle Sam figure can be displayed throughout the summer for occasions like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day. Get tutorial here

3. DIY shutter flag

Here, Diana shows us how to create a simple flag decor piece using shutters. Start by sanding, dusting, and taping off the shutters. Paint the slats using a small foam brush and add stars using a paint pen. Apply a couple of coats of clear sealer for durability.

These shutter flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them versatile decorations. Get tutorial here

4. DIY dollar store July 4th wreath

Create a festive July 4th wreath for your front door using affordable supplies from the dollar store.

Cut strips of colored mesh, fold and bunch them together, and attach them to a wire wreath using pipe wire. Follow a pattern of blue mesh for the flag and alternate red and white for the stripes. Add artificial flowers for extra color and fill. Use a hot glue gun to attach a center plaque.

The finished wreath looks impressive and can be easily made with the option to fix mistakes by buying more supplies. Hang it on your front door for an inviting and patriotic touch. Get tutorial here

5. DIY Americana scarf wreath

For another DIY wreath idea, discover how to make this beautiful scarf wreath in under 15 minutes using a Dollar Tree laundry basket and scarves in patriotic colors.

Cut the top off the laundry basket to use as the wreath base. Wrap the base with scarves, securing them with safety pins. Add an accent scarf and secure it as well. Decorate the wreath with a bow or other decorations of your choice. Enjoy your inexpensive and fun DIY patriotic wreath! Get tutorial here

6. DIY stars & stripes wine glasses

Next, Amanda shows us how to create festive and personalized wine glasses for Americana celebrations using dollar store wine glasses and multi-surface acrylic paint.

Wash the glasses and paint fireworks, polka dots, or other designs using a steady hand. Use painter's tape and paint to create stripes or rims. Optional: add star stickers for a stars and stripes design. Cure the paint by baking the glasses in the oven.

These customized glasses are the perfect DIY touch to your 4th July BBQ, party, or other events. Get tutorial here

7. DIY pallet flags

Pallets lend themselves naturally to DIY flag decor due to the striped pattern, but here, Jennifer gives us a pallet flag with a twist. Remove the planks from the pallets, re-nail them together, and tape off a square for the blue section. Paint the red, off-white, and navy planks, leaving some wood exposed for a distressed look.

Apply gel stain for an aged appearance. Add embellishments such as paper mache stars, grapevine wreaths, or metal stars. Nail or glue the embellishments onto the pallet. These are great outdoor decor pieces for your Independence Day celebrations. Get tutorial here

8. Pizza pan flag

From pallets to pizza pans! Shelly shows us how to transform a $1 metal pizza pan into a patriotic decoration. Gather scrapbook paper with stars and stripes, a pizza pan from Dollar Tree, twine, ribbons, beads, Mod Podge, and a drill.

Remove the pizza pan label to use as a template and cut out the scrapbook paper for the top and strips. Arrange and glue the paper onto the pan, ensuring the stripes cover a portion of the stars. Cross and stack ribbons, tie them with twine to create a bow, and attach it to the pan.

To turn this pan into a wreath, use twine and beads to create a hanging string by drilling small holes in the pan. Or you could use it as a cute serving dish! Get tutorial here

9. Rustic stick flag

From trash to treasure, here's how to create a rustic stick flag using sticks from your backyard. Gather sticks of similar size and color, and cut them into different sizes smaller than the flag width. Use scrap wood as the flag backdrop and paint it navy blue.

Arrange the sticks on the board, secure them with wood glue one by one, and fill any gaps with smaller sticks. Attach 50 small wooden stars using hot glue. Remove any glue strings and admire your beautiful rustic flag. This is a great 4th July craft for kids. Get tutorial here

10. DIY bandana wreath

OK, maybe just one more DIY wreath project! This time, Tammy shows us how to create a red, white, and blue wreath out of bandanas. Fold bandanas into long strips without cutting them. Wrap each bandana around an 11.8" foam wreath, securing it with wire.

Attach white stars to the blue bandanas using hot glue. Add final touches by gluing and fluffing the fabric, linking bandanas together with glue, and using fishing line to hang the wreath.

Enjoy this lovely and quick DIY project, and have an amazing 4th July! Get tutorial here