Help for My Office!

Small (small small small!!) home office. Newly painted and new area rug - both of which I love! My question is what about decorating on the walls - really the one with the mirror. I am planning to buy a cabinet at the local donation center and re-do it to hide the kitty litters. (we literally have no where else to put them!) What would you put on the wall? Besides the mirror... and the desk needs to be more organized.
help for my office, craft rooms, home decor, home office
I always decorate using pics of my kids! I want this room to be very feminine as well...
help for my office, craft rooms, home decor, home office
Kitty litters are an eye sore that will be dealt with - would love opinions on that as well...
help for my office, craft rooms, home decor, home office
Desk is a mess - I know!!
help for my office, craft rooms, home decor, home office
I made that paining in college a million years ago and plan to hang it in there somewhere... any help or suggestions are welcome - just please be kind! Thank you in advance!
help for my office, craft rooms, home decor, home office
This is the wall...
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  • Amy Rommel Amy Rommel on Apr 28, 2014
    HA! The one wall I wanted help with the picture came out funny!! I will repost that one...

  • Christina Pennywise Christina Pennywise on Apr 28, 2014
    Love your paint - do you know what

  • Christina Pennywise Christina Pennywise on Apr 28, 2014
    Oops I was going to ask what kind/color? We have 4 cats so I understand the kitty litter dilemma - you could put them behind a folding screen or under a high table or bench which would give you extra surface space Can't wait to see the after :)

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    • Christina Pennywise Christina Pennywise on May 23, 2014
      @Amy Rommel Thanks Amy, no worries- our paint project is far down on our list but I just loved the color- I can scout out Benjamin Moore - :)

  • Wahoo Wahoo on May 10, 2014
    Amy Rommel, can you answer some functionality questions? What do you need that office for? What tasks will be doing there? What tools do you need? I feel I can't give decent answers without knowing the "big picture" of this space.

    • Amy Rommel Amy Rommel on May 10, 2014
      I literally use it for work... I have my laptop and patient files. The kitty litter also resides (*sigh) in there as there is literally no place else for it...

  • Not sure how big is the piece that you plan on buying, but how about swaping locations with the new cabinet and your file cabinet so that your files are closer to you? I would place your painting on top of the new cabinet if there is space (to make your office seem taller) Replace the curtain that you have with a prettier and longer one in color that is in your new rug-and hang it close to the ceiling-it will also help to make your office feel bigger. I would also buy some pretty office supplies from poppin-they have amazing affordable office supplies-in pretty colors too. Good luck Amy!

  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on May 16, 2014
    I would unify all the family photos with black frames (spray paint) since the round mirror is black. Putting them on 1 wall with the mirror, making it a big grouping, or else put them on the top of ther file cabinet standing up..some large some small sized. ..I'd move the file cabinet closer to the work station where the litter boxes are now. Family photos on top of the file cabinet.with the painting hanging directly above.. Those curtains scare me. they are right on the electric baseboard heat..they can catch fire in a hurry, especially if polyester....I'd use a simple roman shade....An adjustable shelf unit on the wall where file is now.. a bit of extra storage,,,, leaving the bottom free to slide the litty liter boxes under..remove the tops if thats an option. Maybe leave 1 where its at in the corner, the other door/shelves..

  • Bonnie Bonnie on May 22, 2014
    The mirror is too small for that span of wall space which is why it looks odd/out of place. I would move your stick lamp to the other side of the desk (left side?) and put the mirror on the wall space next to the desk, which ties the two dark colors together. Group your picture hangings together on that wall instead of spreading them all around the room and it will give you a bigger impact to the kids' photos. They get lost in single settings. You don't necessarily have to paint them all the same color; just get them grouped into larger vignettes for more flare. The curtains are beautiful, but as Wanda Sinnema mentioned, a fire hazard if you're using the baseboard heater. If you're in love with the curtains, you could loop the ends up into an ascot-type knot to keep them above the heater when in use. There are some very nice roman or paper pleated shades that you could use and still keep the feminine look you love. I have cats, too, so I understand the need for concealing! Cats like a private space to go behind as a general rule, so maybe a screen, buffet type cabinet you can take the doors off to slide the catboxes into, or a table with a skirt around the edge to hide kitty commodes and give you xtra workspace on the top. I am wondering about that louvered door, tho....are you using it for clothing/storage, the normal etc.? If the things in there could be moved to another location, what about turning that closet into space for the cat commodes??

  • Amy Rommel Amy Rommel on May 22, 2014
    Bonnie! Wow such great suggestions!! The closet is in use for my fiance's suits and dress shoes... thanks!!

  • Amy Rommel Amy Rommel on May 22, 2014
    Awesome ideas you guys!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Amy Rommel Amy Rommel on May 27, 2014
    Great suggestions Bonnie! We do use the closet space, unfortunately. I am on the hunt for cabinets for the litters! The mirror is actually too big for the space next to the desk, otherwise that would have worked out great! I like the ideas for the windows... thankyou!!!!