I need help disguising the gas space heater in my apartment livingroom

Please Help! I’m having a hard time believing that no one else hates their ugly vented Empire gas space heater! The huge ugly elephant in the room! There’s gotta be someone out there who had this problem and solved it. Radiator covers are the only thing that comes up on the internet. This is driving me nuts. There has to be someone with a good idea.
Thank you, Robin Hill
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  • Ticia Ticia on Apr 20, 2018

    While I guess a radiator cover might work, they sell these metallic sheets with openings, like holes, or stars that you might be able to manipulate into a folding type screen to cover it when it is not in use - don't think you'd want to block heat. If you create that 'screen', you might be able to hang things on it to decorate it. Hope this helps

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Apr 20, 2018

    I don't think you can cover it, it needs space to flow the heat. Call a plumbing and heating place, and ask about this heater.

  • William William on Apr 20, 2018

    Nothing much you can do. Can't even cover it with a radiator cover. It has a gas burner that requires combustion air, room air intake and exhaust. Blocking any of the openings can become a fire hazard, overheating problem, operational problem. Radiators do not have this. There are also clearance issues for anything flammable place near/around the unit.

  • Laurie Kolkman Laurie Kolkman on Apr 20, 2018

    Could you maybe paint it the same color as the color of the walls? It wouldn't stick out so much.

  • Trudy Trudy on Apr 21, 2018

    Could you put a table over it? You would need to leave clearance so it can "breathe" to do its job and not burn down the place! Also, paint it per Laurie's suggestion, you might need high heat spray paint, I don't know how hot it gets.

  • Susan Susan on Apr 21, 2018

    How often do you use it?

  • Stacey Reynolds Stacey Reynolds on Apr 21, 2018

    I would get some paint and some a stencil pattern that you like. You could paint the heater and let it dry then use your stencil to do a design.

  • M. M.. M. M.. on Apr 21, 2018

    Don't cover or block the heater- it needs oxygen flow to burn the gas. Use paint that is made for hot surfaces or ask your landlord what they will allow...

  • Doanie Doanie on Apr 21, 2018

    You could get some metal tiles, like this: www.americantinceilings.com/pattern3-bs.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwwuvWBRBZEiwALXqjw5Xc3tZsVAuMePSDeotl4-VQsLdxh0oMnq01_SBZZ8g87W42WKt95RoCfYYQAvD_BwE

    And get some earth magnets and attach the metal tiles to the metal radiator. You could even spray paint the tiles.

  • Gram Gram on Apr 21, 2018

    Get a fire place screen and put it in front of it. The screen would definitely need to be a metal type and not a glass one. See if you can find a couple of them and connect them. Hang one from the celling and attach the other one to it with some type of hooks. Just make sure the screens are not getting hot enough to travel up to the ceiling. if you want unusual décor and a very inexpensive way, take food cans, decorated or not and attach them together with wire or hooks, Then attach the cans to some kind of metal window curtain hanger and hang from the ceiling. Cannot touch the floor due to heat traveling and make sure heat does not travel up.

  • Ginny Ginny on Apr 21, 2018

    I have a heater just like this one in my basement that has not been used for years because while lighting it, the heater exploded in my face taking some hair, eyelashes and eyebrows with it. The heater heated my entire basement but I felt it was too dangerous to use so had it disconnected. It is still there but I would use a space heater first before trying to light this menace again. When explosion happened, I had been light it for years so it wasn't that I did not know what I was doing. My son and his friend (9 at the time) thought it was hilarious.

  • Rosanne Zacke Rosanne Zacke on Apr 22, 2018

    Maybe make a beadboard table around it?

  • Sandy Sandy on Apr 25, 2018

    Since this is a space heater, could you take it out and replace it with a new one? If it's a rental talk to your landlord. A newer one should also be more energy efficient.

    • Robin Macdonald Hill Robin Macdonald Hill on Apr 29, 2018

      Believe it or not this one is only a few years old. I can’t see them wanting to pay for another one. Lol but thanks