I leaned back in recliner and poked a hole in my drywall! Help!

by Cah8529375

How to fix a hole in my wall if you have NO knowledge of drywall repair? Long and not round about 6 inches long by 2 inches wide.

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  • Shelly Surber Heinbuch Shelly Surber Heinbuch on May 08, 2017

    Well depending on how big the hole is you may have to consult with a professional. If it's as big or smaller than a baseball than I have just the trick. Get som newspaper and joint compound already mixed, small one. Take paper crumple up to fit into the hole, don't shove a bunch in there, just enough to stay in place and not protrude outward. Then take a strapped and apply your compoun, make it as level to the rest of the wall. Let dry, sand and paint.

  • Ant11605640 Ant11605640 on May 08, 2017

    When I was taking care of apartment complexes I was repairing hundreds of holes all the time.= from very small to very large.For your size hole the easiest and best way is to cut a piece of cardboard 8"X4", punch a hole in the center, run a stout string through the hole and tie a knot in one end, have you drywall compound ready, spread a thin layer around the edge of the cardboard on the side with out the knot in the string. (About 1/2" wide) Hold on to the string and hold the cardboard 8"length horizontally, carefully slide it it to the hole, repostion so it is covering the hole and pull tightly on the string,hold it a minute or two so the compound can adhere to the inside wall. pull the string tight and start filling the hole with a thin layer. You will want to use a 2" putty knife for these steps. You will want to hold the string tight until the hole is almost filled filled. Give the first layer a chance to partially dry then apply more compound(enough to almost fill the hole). let go of the string and watch to make sure compound stays in place. Rule of thumb is to let it dry at least 4 hours. Finish filling the hole and use a 4" putty knife to smooth the compound out. let that dry completely then use a sanding sponge to smooth it out. make sure all dust is cleaned off and paint to match wall.

  • Ant11605640 Ant11605640 on May 08, 2017

    I realize this was a long explanation but for time users using this method I always explain in detail. It really isn't complicated.For small round holes I use screen wire and fishing line. The cardboard method can also be used for larger holes when you don't want to buy a whole sheet of drywall. Good Luck

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on May 09, 2017

    You got this!!!