Miniature / small plants for indoor veggie garden.

I'm wanting to grow veggies & herbs in containers indoors. With unstable garden weather and the rising prices of foods, I'm trying to be able to afford eating (something my husband and I have become addicted to). I don't have a specific growing area or greenhouse - just windows and a glass door opening to the south. I've found a few herbs that can be grown in smaller pots (basil, oregano, marjoram, fern leaf dill, chives and thyme) and veggies (lettuce, spinach & other leafies). Does anyone have a suggestion for any other plants that can be "downsized" into smaller pots for this winter? Has anyone been successful at bringing in tomato plants for the winter? What about green bean plants? Thanks!! Nancy
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    • Nancy Hatcher Nancy Hatcher on Jul 21, 2014
      @Hannah V Thanks, Hannah. I had seen that post and loved it. I was just wondering about veg varieties that are better suited small spaces.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jul 22, 2014
    I think light is going to be the big issue, and then there is the question of pollination. You might be able to add carrots to your list.

    • Nancy Hatcher Nancy Hatcher on Jul 22, 2014
      @Douglas Hunt Good Morning Douglas! I've thought about the light. Our dining room is on the south side & has a lot of windows and a skylight. I've also bought some grow lights to extend the daylight. I thought about carrots but they're space to product ratio seems pretty low. Hadn't thought about pollination, hummm.

  • Bonny McDaniel Bonny McDaniel on Jul 22, 2014
    There are some tomatoes made for pots, usually the cherry or grape type but I think the pollination would be a problem. I think your light would be OK for lettuce, chard, and other leafy veggies and the herbs. There are a couple of zucchini types that are good in containers but the pollination is a big problem. You might be able to use a small brush and go from the male flowers to the female and accomplish it but it does need heat and a strong light. Other squash varieties would have the same problem and probably be too big to grow indoors. Did you think of making a hot house box with one or two old windows?

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    • Nancy Hatcher Nancy Hatcher on Jul 23, 2014
      @Bonny McDaniel Thanks Bonny, I will!