What is the best gift for a dad?

my dad never really tells us what he want for he's birthday or christmas so i never know what to give him
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  • Pam Pam on Nov 12, 2015
    What is his favorite thing to do? Look at tools or objects that will help with it.

  • Charro Charro on Nov 12, 2015
    Time! Being a mom I know that I want nothing more than time spent with my grown sons. Go do something with him, weekend fishing, camping or helping him around the house. If that isn't possible give him a gift certificate to Home Depot or Lowes and he can pick out what he wants...

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 12, 2015
    Gift certificates always come in handy. Favorite restaurant, movies,stores.hobbies etc.

  • The Mrs. The Mrs. on Nov 12, 2015
    Put together a collage of pictures of fun times thru the years using your computer. Then add in backgrounds, frames etc..save it as a jpeg to a memory card or stick then take to Walgreens, or Walmart, or use online service to order it to be printed on useful item Ie: Blanket, mug, etc, or print it out and modge podge it to something unique tailored to his likes!

  • The Mrs. The Mrs. on Nov 12, 2015
    Another idea: If he shaves you could always get him a reoccurring subscription to the place called Dollar Shave Club. 10.oo first shipment then 6 a month after that and 4 new cartridges sent in mail each month! I did that for hubby!

  • Ann Ann on Nov 13, 2015
    We made a memory book about growing up on our Oregon farm. We did it with ABCs and we kids wrote memories of our childhood. I added fun little illustrations in the margins and a custom cover then we gave them the original and printed out plenty of copies for the whole family.

  • Wanda Arganbright Wanda Arganbright on Nov 13, 2015
    My children started a collection of John Wayne movies and old westerns. They also started buying him any Louis L'amour books they could find. Find something he likes and start a collection for him.

  • Darla Darla on Nov 13, 2015
    Edible treats are good for people who don't want more "things". Or take him out for an event that he might like.

  • Anita Gian Anita Gian on Nov 13, 2015
    Cashmere sweaters-begin a tradition and buy one every year. Books are great, Subscribe to the Smithsonian magazine, then go to DC and eat in their cafeteria there!

  • Tonia Tonia on Nov 13, 2015
    Does he have a product that he really likes? You can get it personalized for him. My husband likes to cook spicy food so I bought him a gallon of tabasco that was labled just for him and signed by the president of the company.

  • Sheryl Gilliland Sheryl Gilliland on Nov 13, 2015
    Give him a dianalyn book. Think of things he needs done,like he doesn't have time or the ability to get it done, or things that are more pleasant for two to do. Then print them out on small tags (coupons), make a book of them and the gift is done. My daughter gave me one and I loved it. 1 vacuuming, 1 house cleaning, 5 hrs of shopping, etc.

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Nov 13, 2015
    A lunch or dinner date with you at his favorite restaurant. Sometimes it's just the time you spend alone with him will be most memorable. Quality one on one is priceless.

  • Buster Evans Buster Evans on Nov 13, 2015
    What age is your dad? Is he still pretty active? Does he read? Tinker in the garage? Does he wear hats /ball caps? Gift cards are cool along with/in his birthday card...Photo collages of you your family etc..Or just be funny and pick up something that you think is off the wall for his personality... something to make him laugh..Take him out to dinner somewhere where they recognize peoples birthdays and the waiters come over and say or do something special... The main thing most dads want I think is to spend some time with you and yours... doesn't have to be fancy or expensive... One saying I read some years ago has stayed with me ever since ... It says: "The Best Things in Life aren't THINGS". Hope these help.

  • What about tools? At Christmas times there are some great sales on tool sets, drill drivers, saws, etc. I may be a woman but Christmas time I usually get new tools. Since you did not give much information, I will ask if he likes to fix or build things...if he does, then tools. If you do not know what to get him, ask him or see what tools he borrows from someone else

  • Dianalyn Dianalyn on Nov 14, 2015
    found great ideas thanks

  • Faye Campbell Faye Campbell on Nov 15, 2015
    Purchase tickets to take your dad somewhere that reflects his interest...one for you and one for dad. That way you'll spend some quality time with your father.

  • Bron Bron on Nov 16, 2015
    My grandson made a carrot cake for his dad's birthday (his favorite cake) and iced it and put sugared carrot ribbons on top. I think his dad thought that was wonderful. something personal that you have made can sometime do it. Good luck let us all know how it went :)