It adds an extra sparkle to your garland

Blend chalk and white paint to get this look without a snow can. Get tutorial here

It looks great on your fire logs

Melt white crayons on those fire logs you aren’t going to use. Get tutorial here

It turns Styrofoam into family fun

Cover them in spackling paste for a snowball that never melts. Get tutorial here

It won't melt off of your tree

Even if it’s 70 degrees outside, you’ll feel like it’s snowy and cold with a white tree. Get tutorial here

It makes stunning tabletop decor

Placing snow covered branches in a white mason jar is an elegant and modern way to decorate. Get tutorial here

It turns jars into shimmering snow globes

These are actually super easy to make, and they are so much fun. Get tutorial here

And creates a wintry wonderland

Nothing says snow like white trees and woodland creatures. Get tutorial here

It can transform your old tree

This is the easiest way to get that snowy look in your home on Christmas. Get tutorial here

It adds a winter glow to your home

With some salt and stencils, these add great lights (and a snowy feel) to your home. Get tutorial here

It makes easy and beautiful winter decor

Melt some white crayons on a canvas for the perfect winter decor. Get tutorial here