Best Mold Release for Silicone & Cement?

by Ste32550833

I've made some Mold Star 16 Quick molds to cast some vintage doll heads and a vintage mug for my garden. I want to cast them using RapidSet CementAll. I want to get as many castings as possible without damaging the $$mold. I have a can of Mann Ease Release 200. Is this the best product I can use?

Antique doll head that'll be used as a tiny succulent planter in the garden.

Getting ready to do the pour for the first half of the silicone mold of this vintage mug.

The Silicone molds are very detailed and precise.

I plan to slurrying pour the molds with tjis. It quick sets in about 20 minutes by chemical reaction, not "air drying".

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  • Bridget Bridget on Jul 22, 2018

    Gosh I wish you were my neighbor, I can't wait to see how this turns out. If you don't get an answer you might want to ask on Instructables. They seem to know how to do it all.

  • Maureen Lacey Hawks Maureen Lacey Hawks on Jul 22, 2018

    Hi there! I want you to know that the doll head you are showing is NOT a porcelain head it is a composition head. Composition dolls became the more alternative before plastic. Composition is made of paper, wood chips/sawdust & glue poured into a mold. It is finished with a moisture resistant coating on the outside layer, however the inside is raw as you can see on the edge along the bottom of the head where it was cut. The raw material will fall apart the first step I would take would be to coat the inside with a waterproofer such as poly urethane

    • Maureen Lacey Hawks Maureen Lacey Hawks on Jul 22, 2018

      that should read the less expensive alternative. And the raw material will fall apart if it is gets wet.

  • First, let me say that this is embarrassing. I'm pretty sure you wanted help with a project, not ridicule. Secondly, Maureen is right. Seal the head really well first then make your mold. If you are using silicone it should be fine as that's not a very moist medium. The mold release you purchased is fine, you can use petroleum jelly, vegetable oil, even Pam. Good luck!

    • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Jul 29, 2018

      Agreed, Pam or Vegetable Oil on a rag is not just for baking, and will work, on anything. The use for release even extends to concrete molds.

      This is what I do when my pam goes sour beyond expiration date.

      If you are concrrned of Secret Processes, Nobody needs to know it's Pam, just cover the can in duct tape.

      It is not a big secret though...

      Any good homeowner and especially a parent has to constructively use all waste they encounter alot more than any rentor ever does.

      Pam, Vinegar, Vegetable oils, yes, even mayo, all those when beyond expiry dates have a practical home use to consume them in a 'better budget'.

      Even seeds from bad tomatoes, wrinkly corn cobs, sour apples and cucumbers, and unused potato skins and nut shells can all bring rewards to the garden in the fall.

      Unfortunately you can't grow pickles from pickle juice, celery from celery seed, nor mustard from mustard seed, this I tried as a boy, age 5 or so.

  • Suzie Suzie on Jul 23, 2018

    I love you idea! Your mold is very well made. Since it’s a 2 part mold, you will be able to make many doll-head planters. The mold release should work well since it is a spray so it can get into all the small crevices and facial features. How are you going to make a place to put your plant? Paper cup or votive cup that has been cover in mold release? Hen’s and Chick’s would look great in the doll head planter. Did you make the mold yourself or had it made?