Cut old bed pillow in half project?

by Gra28614286
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  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Oct 03, 2018

    It all depends on if you plan to re-use the fabric holding the pillow stuffing. I would use a seam ripper. Take out the seam on the side and take out all the stuffing. Now you will just have the fabric. Turn the pillow case inside out. Cut the pillow case in half. Sew partially down the open side from the top. Sew partially up the open side from the bottom. You should have a hole after sewing where you can turn the pillow case right side out. Add HALF the stuffing. Now sew the hole by hand. Actually a lot more steps than taking a pair of scissors to it.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 03, 2018

    That project is in today's email. This is the address for the project.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 06, 2018

    Hello there, If you want to cut up for any reason a feather or loose foam pillow duvet etc. In my opinion you should mark the area and then run two lines of machine stitching along the cut line leaving an inch in between them to allow you to cut and machine each side of the cut with a turned hem for security of the contents.

    Best wishes. I made extra soft padding for a cottage suite, from an old duck eiderdown which I used on top of foam rubber when I made new covers for my daughters secondhand suite ( when she was first married 30+ years ago now). I made the mistake of washing the eiderdown in my washing machine before I started, but would never recommend doing that again (took far to long to dry and the smell was awful until it dried) better to have it dry cleaned (You can never get rid of the feathers that push their way through the fabric. A lesson well learnt!

  • Gellehaiak Gellehaiak on Aug 03, 2021

    In my opinion, this is just a brilliant method. Making two pillows out of one at once is just incredibly cool. Although I probably won't have such a big pillow to make this life hack. Also in the life hack, the pillow is feather, and I have an allergy to anything with a feather. By the way, there are no people with similar allergies here? I want to buy myself a silk bed sheet and I don't know if I will be allergic to it or not? I want to buy Pure Silk because real silk is very soft and pleasant, but I'm afraid that I will have a stupid allergy. Of course, I can probably still find an artificial silk bed sheet for myself, but it seems to me that artificial silk is not as good as pure silk.