Asked on Aug 09, 2016

How do I unglue two pieces of wood that are stuck together?

Susan Fletcher
by Susan Fletcher
It is a fame with a piece of bead board glued to the back - how do I separate them without damaging either piece?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 09, 2016
    You can try using goo-gone to soften the glue.

  • William William on Aug 09, 2016
    If its liquid type glue ,its made to soak into the wood and bond the fibers. That can't be separated without damage. If its a gel or caulk type glue, it creates a bond between the two pieces. You may be able to cut into the glue with a sharp putty knife. My opinion its not worth the effort. There will always be some damage.

  • Susan Fletcher Susan Fletcher on Aug 09, 2016
    How do I get it between the boards?

    • William William on Aug 09, 2016
      Start with the putty knife at a corner and move it side to side while pushing to cut into the glue. Keep your hands a safe distance away or use clamps to secure it to a table/workbench.

  • Rc Shoe Rc Shoe on Aug 10, 2016
    Try using fishing line like dental floss and just saw between the two pieces.

  • Polly Andrews Polly Andrews on Aug 10, 2016
    Try a heat gun or hair dryer. Heat on the back side and gently pry apart.