Anyone know the manufacturer of these wood windows, circa 1997?

original to the house windows, built in 1997. Seals are all good.
q anyone know the manufacturer of these wood windows circa 1997 i wan
q anyone know the manufacturer of these wood windows circa 1997 i wan
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  • I can't really tell, and this is a long shot, but check the blueprints at City Hall (or wherever they issue building permits for your area) - they might have a supply list in the documentation with the permit records and inspections.

  • Kathe Kathe on Apr 03, 2018
    Possibly ask someone at a window place - most know their competitors

  • Jean Chalupsky Jean Chalupsky on Apr 04, 2018
    Go to Permits and inspections. Find out who the contractor was , who built your home by looking up your address, and legal lot description. Take that name, and go to your local lumberyard. At the lumberyard, contact sales and they will pull the contractors supply list. The windows will be listed. It does appear to be a pre-clad window. I’m guessing that is a Lincoln Window, prior to their using clad. It’s a double hung. If the glass is original, it may have the code still in the corner of the glass as well. The lumberyard will know.

  • Bob Voress Bob Voress on Apr 04, 2018
    Andersen windows have a tag in the corners. Look closely as they are see thru. I suspect other window manufacturers may do the same. Good luck!

  • Fox30927241 Fox30927241 on Apr 04, 2018
    They look like the Anderson windows we had in our house built in 1982

  • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Apr 04, 2018
    good morning. It really doesn’t matter who made these, as there are over 400 manufactures in the US. Point: they all make pretty much the same thing. take good pics and go to HD or Lowes and they could get you pretty close. Your local bldg Dept will have no idea of the actual brand, just the pass/fail of inspection. (Just went through this.)

  • Betty Betty on Apr 04, 2018
    Look like Anderson window to me .I have the same window in my home .1986 .Anderson was very popular then .I am getting ready to replace my bow window soon. They have been good Windows for me .

    • Kathy Kathy on Apr 04, 2018
      Thank you everyone. I really want to repair rather than replace. I will get in touch with Anderson.