What's the best way to make a circular shower rod?


I purchased a couple of hoola hoops and planned on using them but my daughter is afraid they will not be sturdy enough...any other suggestions? Or are they strong enough to work?

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  • Are you needing a circular shower rod for a clawfoot bathtub? Although creative, I think you might run into problems down the road with the hula hoop shower rod. The shower rod I linked to below isn't circular, but it's inexpensive ($39) and made for a stand alone tub such as a clawfoot tub. They can ship it for free to the store. https://www.homedepot.com/p/No-Rust-58-in-Aluminum-Oval-Rectangular-Hoop-Shower-Rod-for-Claw-Foot-and-Standalone-Bathtubs-in-Brushed-Nickel-VHDHOOP-1BN/302183086

    • Claire Claire on Apr 09, 2019

      Thanks, but I need a full circle and only 36-42 inches in diameter. This is great if it would have worked. :)

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 08, 2019

    use a piece of pvc pipe heres way to bend it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSCfPrvkYqA&list=PL0mglivPV9QX_TTkQVQvxRd6upRlMyNiR&index=4 I think the hula hoops would work but won't be long enuf to cover the opening/depending on size of shower

  • Mogie Mogie on Apr 08, 2019

    Don't know if this will help you but here is someone who make an portable shower using hula hoops and an inflatable pool:


  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 08, 2019

    you can use a piece of PVC pipe more solid and longer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSCfPrvkYqA&t=162s

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    • Claire Claire on Apr 09, 2019

      That's very helpful thank you!

      My daughter is more comfortable with the PVC idea. It's definitely stronger than the newer hula hoops.

      It'll be fun to try!


  • Teresa Eaton Teresa Eaton on Apr 09, 2019

    Hi,this is Teresa.

    I’ve used a hula hoop before on an outdoor shower. But it was one of the older ones when they used to make them bigger and the plastic was stronger than the cheap ones they make today. If you can find a good one like that it will work fine but I wouldn’t trust it with the cheap ones like you would get at the dollar store.

    I spaced out evenly and drilled 4 holes for S hooks on the hula hoop. Then used two pieces of parachord of equall length and secured a S hook to all 4 ends of the parachord. I had an old large key ring on hand and run the 2 pieces of chord through. Attached one of screw in hooks to the place I intend to mount the curtain and hung the new curtain rod up by the key ring onto the hook. Then placed my shower curtain loops on and hung it up. It’s been a while but I might have even used 2 of those cheap dollar store curtains. It’s up to you have fun paying with the idea and just a NOTE: remember to tie the parachord to the hula hoop before you cut it so you can decide how high or low you want the hula hoop to hang. Then make your cut and match your second piece to match. Mine turned out great, I wish I had pictures to add but I don’t live there anymore.

    • Claire Claire on Apr 09, 2019

      sounds awesome

      giving me more confidence. the hoops i purchased are larger and stronger than the dollar store one.... bought one of those too:)