Can you use old greeting cards in your paper craft?

  6 answers
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 22, 2017
    That will depend on your own art imagination,certainly no one elses

  • Vera Ross Vera Ross on Apr 23, 2017
    Anyone in Toronto like to have my collection of used greeting cards for paper craft?

  • Mary Gendron Mary Gendron on Apr 23, 2017
    There's tons of ideas for using old cards. There's even as book out there somewhere with a variety of things to make. If nothing else, you can always make laminated bookmarks.

  • Zest it Up Zest it Up on Apr 24, 2017
    It would be fun to use the old greeting cards as decor around your home!

  • Inetia Inetia on Apr 25, 2017
    You can make little origami boxes.

  • Diane Diane on Apr 25, 2017
    ABSOLUTELY!!! There are many things you ca
    n do with old Christmas cards. One idea is to make a collage with some of them and use that in a nice frame -- even one you mlake and display it every year. You can change out the cards as well for variety. You can cover them with clear contact paper to make Christmas coasters or larger for placemats or even a table runner. These are just a few ideas.