How to decorate without going overboard?


How can you decorate with out overdong it? Our kids are in college now, but we still want to decorate. How can we still have fun with out going overboard?

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  • For a specific holiday or in general? I have no kids in my house and I still decorate for me! I keep it simple and tasteful. For the fall / Halloween/ Thanksgiving decor on the inside it is just "fall" or "autumn" decor with a few Halloween decor pieces that are simple and tasteful. Outside I do a bit more Halloween decor as this is a big family neighborhood with lots of kids. Once Halloween is over I remove those pieces and leave the rest in place through Thanksgiving. Still quite toasty here, 94° today, so for me it is hard to feel festive with the a.c. blowing full blast!

    After Thanksgiving is over I bring out the Christmas and Hanukkah items. I have a ton of stuff but never use it all, just put out different things each year to keep it fresh. I am alone with a bunch of pets and most years no one sees it but me, but I still do it.

  • Mogie Mogie on Oct 27, 2018

    Most people have too much clutter. Clean off the bookcases and tables and decorate with a few large pieces. Less is more. Some people frame shower curtains and use those as wall art. Create focal points using framed pictures. There are some beautiful laser metal cutouts. They make a very nice statement on the wall. Those can reflect what is important to you (fish, deer, children's silhouettes, trees, etc). Paint your walls to match a color in a throw pillow. Keep it to a minimum so each large piece gets the attention and showcase it deserves.

    • Radar Radar on Oct 28, 2018

      thanks Magie... I would have never thought of inside... I do have piano students who might enjoy it, though even they are geting older..

  • Joanie Joanie on Oct 28, 2018

    Take out Your Needs list and do what ya Need......Next comes the wants list, when ya have the extra method and it worked for me. I WAITED and it all come in due time.

    The way I taught my kids......4 sons.

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Oct 28, 2018

    I LOVE ALL MY STUFF! But I put out different things seasonally. Pack up the ones I’m not using in a box or bin and on masking tape write what’s inside and put in a location in garage, closet... so I can access them when I want. Unfortunately or fortunately I still keep out certain items, that I collect rocks/minerals, shells, but those have their own special place. But my coffee table, side tables, dinner table, sideboard, bookcases all get changed out. Like now I’ve got to have my Halloween decor!