Asked on Nov 01, 2017

How can I fix these votive candle holders

by Lenore
So I received a beautiful table decor set from my mother in law. It has six cranberry colored votive candle holders, along with some other decorative items. Anyway, she bought it from a thrift store, so the votive holders had some wax left in them. This drives me crazy, so the ocd in me decided to pour some hot water in all of them, and clean the wax. I do it all the time with candle holders. I've never had this happen, instantly the color started coming off, as you can see in the picture. All of them. It is a beautiful piece and the color is the most perfect in my dining room.
My question, how can I fix this? I have tons of acrylic paints, not that color, but what can I do to make them cranberry colored again. Thanks in advance!
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  • Tonitownsend1 Tonitownsend1 on Nov 01, 2017

    Rust-oleum Painters Touch 2X has a lot of new colors just carry 1 of your votives with you and match up the color. This spray paint works on a lot of different surfaces . Clean off the old paint first. Spray lightly so you don't get running paint I'd give it like 3 or 4 even coats .

  • Lenore Lenore on Nov 01, 2017

    Awesome! Thank you! I tend to do things before I think, I waste alot of time. I thought about painting them, but I'm. Definitely going to try rustoleum. Do I need to seal them after? And do I spray on the inside or out? Thanks again!


      Hi Lenore. it's Krylon stained glass. And you paint the outside of the glass and so sealing require.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Nov 01, 2017

    The only thing I can think of is to repaint them. It is m understanding that you can mix the shade you want by starting with red and adding royal blue to it. There are also craft paints you may be able to use. Here's one I found on Amazon:

  • Jean Jean on Nov 01, 2017

    If still need to remove wax try the freezer! Don't leave them in all day just long enough to pop the wax off with your fingernail.


    that isn't real paint, its a plastic type of coating. Its just a cheap way places color glass to make it look like its colored glass. So you can get real glass paint in a spray or in bottles. they have frosted and transparent. these paints are permanent. All depends if you want to spray them or put it on with a brush. I Know the spray comes in a burgundy, and there is a red in the bottle type. But can't remember if its a bright red or what. The bottle paint is Americana Crystal Gloss Enamel, this comes ins transparent and opaque. That means not see through. And this paint you have to bake onto the glass. the spray kind is Krylon stained glass, this you do not have to bake.

  • Jamie Jamie on Nov 02, 2017

    Gallery Glass Paint can be found at most stores that carry craft paints and are permanent. As to the color I don't know what they come in but you might be able to mix them to get what you want.

  • Debbie Kuhar Debbie Kuhar on Nov 04, 2017

    These are so inexpensive. Will be seeing these out for the holidays. You will be paying more for the paint than what the votive's are worth. Just replace them. Tell your mother in law what happened,

  • Heather Williams Heather Williams on Nov 04, 2017

    There is a new product called Unicorn Spit. It can color glass. Check it out!

  • 17335038 17335038 on Nov 04, 2017

    Agree with Debbie. If the color has come off this much with only hot water, is it going to hold up under the heat of a burning flame? Thrift store huh? -maybe there was a reason why it was a donation?.....

    If you add up the cost of buying materials, plus your time in trying to renew them, I would say that it would outweight the low cost of just buying new candle holders.

    Restoration efforts are worth it only if there is quality in the first place.

  • Iri31554872 Iri31554872 on Nov 05, 2017


    You can remove all the color and use it transparent, and then there will be no problem cleaning again and again.

  • Jessiqua Jessiqua on Nov 05, 2017

    To make them look new, I would soak them in acetone for a bit and take off all the old paint then I would get some glass paint and repaint them.

  • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Nov 05, 2017

    I had a very pretty bowl with the same cranberry treatment on it. I made the mistake of running it thru the dishwasher and it removed every speck of the cranberry. You might try making a very hot pot of water w/dishwashing soap and put the votives in it for a while. I think it would strip it and then you can paint as suggested earlier.


    Your welcome, anything to try and help. 😀