How can i hang this mirror over a corner fireplace?

by Mark
how can i hang this mirror over a corner fireplace
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  • Elaine Elaine on Sep 05, 2017
    Hi Mark - In my opinion, there is no way to hang it on a wall so that it is centered above the fireplace BUT it is also my opinion that it looks simply GREAT just the way you have it!! 🙂 I'm not a professional decorator but I've decorated my own (and helped many friends over the years) and receive compliments (so far!) on what I do and I'd do exactly what you have done! Years ago, mirrors and paintings were always hung but over the last ten to fifteen years, decorators prop them up on mantels and shelves. You are right in style!!

    The mirror has a beautiful chunky frame - I can't see what else is there on your mantel, but simply remove them. If it were my home, I'd probably look for an interesting (slender) vase to sit on the right side of the mantel and then you're done. The vase could be about one third (1/3) or one half (1/2) of the height of the mirror.

    Do you have other pieces of brown in the room such as tables or perhaps, a brown couch or chair? If not, you MAY someday like to paint the mirror's frame an antiqued white to tie it in with your decor but I really like it the way it is.

  • Marcia McAfee Marcia McAfee on Sep 05, 2017
    If you are determined to hang it use a TV wall mount. The tilt/swivel feature will allow you to mount the bracket to a side wall (be sure to hit a stud because this is going to be heavy) then adjust the mirror to a forward position. You will need to add a cross support or plywood to the mirror back. Personally, I would just prop it like you have it as suggested by previous poster. Good luck!

  • William William on Sep 05, 2017
    I agree! It looks good as it is. If you do want to hang it, install a decorative hook in the bulkhead like a hanging plant hook a few inches from the corner. Use picture hanging wire and with a little experimenting line up the mirror so there is even spacing between the mantle and ceiling.

  • Jane Briggs Jane Briggs on Sep 05, 2017
    I would do something very unconventional. I would find the studs in the side walls and allow the mirror to become the front door of a hidden corner cabinet.

  • Peg Peg on Sep 05, 2017
    Mark I think it looks great as is.

  • 153091 153091 on Sep 05, 2017
    If you can locate a wood stud in the corner, I would screw in a large hook (they have hooks that have screw ends) hang closer to ceiling not in middle; then I would put hangers on the back of the mirror (you may even have them there already) stand mirror at angle and up a bit off the mantle; then measure from frame to the corner (hook), . take down, twist wire on each hanger...IMPORTANT that you make certain you leave wire long enough to reach center of wire to the hook in corner....wire needs to be longer, not tight like you were hanging on "flat" wall. Reach under the mirror, hook wire on the large screw in corner and your mirror should hang in center of mantle.

  • Mark Mark on Sep 05, 2017

    Thank you all so much – you have given me some very good ideas.
    I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

  • Barb Barb on Sep 05, 2017
    Yes you can hang it, you will need a corner piece of wood and attach it the the wall and then place the mirror on it. Here's a picture of what I was referring to. Been there done that!

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Sep 05, 2017
    Would look better propped up vs. hung on the wall.