Asked on Oct 06, 2016

How do you repair damage to a wooden picture frame?

Norma Cook
by Norma Cook
It's brand new but was obviously too heavy for the Command strip I used. It fell off the bedroom wall and hit the headboard, leaving two gouges in the wood of the picture frame, but no other damage. Would I use some kind of wood filler, then try to match the stain?
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  • William William on Oct 06, 2016
    Use stainable wood filler to fill the gouges. Overfill a little so you can sand the shape and contour of the frame. Use Minwax stain markers to match the frame. DON'T USE THE STAIN MARKER LIKE A REGULAR MARKER. Dab the marker on the repair and blend with your finger. A damp cloth can remove too much stain.
  • Jit4828103 Jit4828103 on Oct 07, 2016
    Don't fix. Put more nix in it and whitewash for antique look.
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    • Vanessa Mcintosh Vanessa Mcintosh on May 17, 2019

      I love that idea....i am in a similar situation to the lady that originally posted, except I had an old large wood picture frame that I had propped against a wall for a long time. Decided to redo it to make something for my mother in law to hang above their bed but my dog has chewed up two of the you think your idea would still work for it?

  • Sally-Charles Evans Sally-Charles Evans on Oct 07, 2016
    Those ideas are great! Next....don't use Command Strips for anything you value! Use a small nail instead.
  • Ellen C. Litten Ellen C. Litten on Oct 07, 2016
    I have used wood filler on small projects and the lasting result is so-so. If you do use wood filler, several coats of poly after the stain. If you like the antique look then Jitan007 suggestion is great. French Country my favorite. Also depending on your picture, you could fill in holes and then cover entire frame with fabric, paper bags, then paint to resemble leather or suede.
  • Meticularius Meticularius on Oct 07, 2016
    WAIT! Is it a gouge, as in missing material? Or deep dent? If it is a deep dent, get a washcloth in hot water, apply it over the dent, even apply a hot iron to it. The compression of the fibers should relax and pop back up. If not all the way, then enough so you don't have to apply too much extra stuff. In the latter case, I like to drill a tiny hole in it and put a small piece of wood tooth pick (must be wood). Angle the tiny post in such a way that your filler will cling to it and --as it were-- hang from it. Then, fine sandpaper and patience to form it to its surrounding shape. Then it is a matter of refinishing it like its surrounding areas.
    • Norma Cook Norma Cook on Oct 08, 2016
      Thank You Meticularius. Yes, they really are gouges. When the weight of the frame caused the Command strip to tear my new wallpaper, the picture frame slid straight down the bedroom wall and struck the headboard. (Glad I wasn't in bed at the time!) The three gouges are on the thickest part of the 2" wide frame, on each bottom corner. I believe it can be repaired satisfactorily if I can find the right shade of wood finish. I had originally bought two frames, but had only hung one picture because I wasn't sure how secure the Command strip would actually be on wallpaper. I guess I can use the other frame until I get the damaged one repaired and this time I'll hang it properly. Thank you for your advice.