How do you tell if your table lamps are Crystal or just glass?

John Boutwell
by John Boutwell
I have a pair of lamps that I got a a church sale and they look like Crystal but how do I tell for sure?'I know how to tell if a wine glass is you just ding it to make it ring but these are very tight to the metal and do nothing.
can I loosen them up some or is that not a good idea?
thanks for any help
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  • Kim P Guyer Kim P Guyer on May 11, 2017
    Crystal contains lead...which refracts and disperses the light, causing a rainbow effect. Glass does not do this

  • John Boutwell John Boutwell on May 11, 2017
    ok great but how do you do this?
    hold it up to the light or something?

  • Nancy Gramm Nancy Gramm on May 11, 2017
    I was going to say the ring-y thing as well, but Kim's idea is a good one. IMO crystal has a very different look than glass. It's weightier and has a fine shine. I know it's gone out of fashion, but I still love the look of it. Can you show pics?

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    • Nancy Gramm Nancy Gramm on May 15, 2017
      I'm with you, Naomie. I have a couple of Waterford lamps that I use in the master bedroom. They have a quality far beyond so many of the ones popular in the mid-90s, and I still love them, but hey that was 20 years ago. The time she does fly!

  • John Boutwell John Boutwell on May 11, 2017
    I love these lamps, they weigh about 10 lbs each

    • Jimmie Jimmie on Mar 04, 2019

      I have one of these lamps. Do you know who made them?

  • Those are very pretty lamps regardless of whether or not they are crystal. I can generally tell by the "ping" - I would take to a reputable antique dealer in town and ask. Back when these were made, even pressed glass were attached to weighted bases to keep them from tipping over.

  • Dale Dale on Aug 17, 2018

    Don't have an answer, but curious about my lamp I found in mother in laws house. I believe its crystal. I know it's very old, shes been having since I'm 20, now in 60's. Wondering its value