How to attach chair rail and shadow box mouldings on concrete wall

by Alefya
I have a semi detached bunglow and the wall attached to the house is of concrete and I’m planning to do wainscoting on my living room.
How do I attached chair rail and shadow box mouldings on that wall ?
Have anybody use just glue on the moulding without nailing them that’s what I’m planning to do.

  3 answers
  • Vanessa Simmons Vanessa Simmons on Mar 05, 2018

    No drywall over the concrete? Liquid nail or other adhesive on concrete. If there is drywall is it in 2x4s or turning strips? Then brad or finishing nails.

    • Alefya Alefya on Mar 05, 2018

      There's no drywall on the concrete that's why I'm thinking of using Liquid nail or other adhesive which bonds quickly but I'm not sure how is going to hold up in the long run

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Mar 05, 2018

    You need to furr the wall. You can buy bundles of furring strips from your home improvement store and attach those to your concrete wall. Be sure to use standard distances between, so you can find your nailing strips through the panels. I would definitely use some board for wall panels. If you don't want drywall, you can use Masonite in 1/4" thickness. Once painted, it looks great.

  • William William on Mar 05, 2018

    Use Locktite Power Grab Adhesive. Green (not blue) painters tape to hold it in place until the glue sets. Green painters tape has stronger adhesive.