How to glue a ceramic towel bar to ceramic tile?


what kind of adhesive do I use to attach a ceramic towel bar to ceramic tile in my shower? The bar is at the back end of the shower and will not be exposed to water.

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  • The comand strips work, but will need replacing after awhile. You can also buy ones with the sucker pads on they work well on tile.

  • Stevie Johnson Stevie Johnson on Feb 03, 2019

    Best bet. Buy a well known brand of glue. Not the time to save money when a ceramic bar falling on a ceramic tile floor will likely damage both. Replacement &/or repairs will cost you more than you save. And could be a big problem if there is no spare time to fix that floor.

    READ THE LABEL ON THE GLUE CAREFULLY. it must be appropriate for ceramic. Pad the area below where you will be working well just in case you drop that bar. Be certain both surfaces are immaculately clean, rinsed well & totally dry, including any grout lines that may be where you want to glue. Clean a good sized area beyond the place you intend to glue the bar. You will need to tape the bar in place until it is dry & ready for use. Tape will not stick well to a tile that is not free of water spots, dirt or soap residue. It may seem to be ok when you put it on, but it will gradually or not so gradually loosen. Instructions may say masking tape, but I use duct tape. I suggest you do the same. Stronger by far. Follow all directions to the letter. A longer dry time before use is perfectly ok. A shorter one is asking for trouble.

    If that duct tape leaves a residue, smear a layer of peanut butter on it, let it set & wipe off. It won't damage tile, or anything else, for that matter, as some chemical removers can. Non toxic, too. My one caution being if you have a dog tall enough to reach that peanut butter, keep him or her out of that bathroom. Probably knock your bar loose trying to get the peanut butter:)

  • Oliva Oliva on Feb 03, 2019

    In some 1950's homes, they were attached with the same "mud" that was used to attach the tiles to the walls.