Asked on Dec 08, 2014

How to hide Cpap machines?

by Openroadie
My husband and I both have (unattractive) but necessary Cpap machines adorning our nightstands. Anyone with some clever ideas on how to cover or disguise them during the day when not in use? Unhooking and hiding them each day doesn't sound like much fun. Anyone with some suggestions??
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  • Z Z on Dec 09, 2014
    Photos would help. If hubby were awake I could ask his help since I don't know if they need circulation around them or not. He was one of the first 100 Registered Polysomnographic Technologist. There are not close to 20,000. Because he can't answer any questions for me, I have a few for you. Do they need circulation around them? Do you have to have access to hose from front or back? Is there enough room to place something in front of them to obscure the view?
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    • I would like to find a pop up tray that could roll under the bed during the day? Any idea where I could get something like that ?

  • Sharon Ross Essary Sharon Ross Essary on Dec 09, 2014
    I have one that I pit in a large basket. My nightstand is more a table with legs so I can put it under the table but if you could find the right size basket or container you like, you cou put it on the nightstand.
    • Openroadie Openroadie on Dec 09, 2014
      @Sharon Ross Essary I love the idea of putting them away, but we run the hoses through the headboard, so I'm thinking that would not be fun on a daily basis. I have good intentions, but I'm afraid I wouldn't follow through! I love the basket idea though....maybe cut a hole in the back to allow the hose to run through?
  • Sherry Fram Sherry Fram on Dec 09, 2014
    Find a box that will cover the machine and cover it with pretty paper or fabric during the day and pull it off to use it at night.
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Dec 09, 2014
    Perhaps a slip cover for day use. You could even quilt it. Choose a fabric which goes with the colours in your room, if you could get fabric that matches your curtains or bed cover.
  • Openroadie Openroadie on Dec 09, 2014
    I love the idea of a basket or box to just cover them during the day. I would love a slipcover to match my bedding as well. I'm not a seamstress, but I wonder if I could take a quilted sham and fashion a cover from that? Thanks so much for all these wonderful ideas.
  • Janis Hill Janis Hill on Dec 09, 2014
    The basket is a great idea!
  • D D on Dec 09, 2014
    I was about to ask my husband to build/install a shelf for his so its not on floor. He uses a wood tray to put it but i rather try to have it hidden.
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    • D D on Dec 09, 2014
      My new night table is small so i will probably try this since it probably wont fit inside. Thx!!!
  • Khonstanze Khonstanze on Dec 09, 2014
    I keep mine in a drawer beside my bed. Open at night, it gives plenty of circulation and closed during the day it is invisible.
  • Trish Davenport Trish Davenport on Dec 09, 2014
    I keep mine on a little stool in the corner of the bedroom near the bed and hide it behind a Shoji screen. I put another screen on the other side of the room to balance it out. I know they are always advertised for more than $100 but you can pick one up at Hobby Lobby with one of their 40% off coupons. That's what we did.
  • Openroadie Openroadie on Dec 09, 2014
    That sounds wonderful. We're buying a house, and I'm not sure about having enough room, but I would love that. I love my machine - just hate seeing it everyday!
  • Patt Hill Patt Hill on Dec 09, 2014
    I keep mine in the bottom drawer of my night stand. Use it at night and close the drawer during the day and no one knows its there, been doing this for years; It works really well.
  • Nancee Nancee on Dec 10, 2014
    The nightstand I bought has an open shelf under the top and above the drawer. I put mine on the shelf. The only thing we adapted was to cut the back out where the shelf is. So the cord and hose can go thru. Hides it quite well.
    • Openroadie Openroadie on Dec 11, 2014
      @Nancee I love the idea of this. After our upcoming move, I'll be in the market for new bedroom furniture, and will look for a nightstand with this kind of set up! Great idea!
  • Kathy Tayloe-Frith Kathy Tayloe-Frith on Feb 23, 2018

    i store my cpap in a wicker picnic basket kept between my bed and the nightstand

  • Openroadie Openroadie on Feb 24, 2018

    Thank you so much for that wonderful idea! Sadly, our nightstands are so close to the bed that we couldn't manage that. Thanks again for that clever idea...I'm sure it will work great for someone else!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 24, 2018

    Hmmm, my husband has a cpap machine and we just let it sit next to the bedside, it does have a small water tank in it that has to be removed and dried daily to prevent bacterial growth, the same for the tube and mask-all needs to be dried and kept clean.

    If you removed the water tank and mask/tube assembly to elsewhere in your house while they are drying, maybe a pretty towel or a cloth cover could be put over the machine.

    It's appearance has never bothered either of us, actually no guests enter our bedroom, but that is just how our house is set up, yours may be completely different.

    Although the cpap has altered the way he sleeps, I am grateful he can get a good night's sleep and have a decent day when he wakes.

    • Mary S Mary S on Feb 07, 2019

      I use a SoClean2 machine which daily cleans my CPAP. It is expensive, but SO worth it. So, I have two things I want to hide.

  • Janice Cooper Janice Cooper on May 23, 2018

    I am using a multi-Tiered Chinese wedding/food/rice/vegetable basket. I've had it forever and I'm sure it's a reproduction, but it's perfect.

  • Trina Trina on May 11, 2020

    My problem is that I only have space for a small nightstand and besides being ugly and too modern looking the cpap takes up most of the top so I don’t have room for things like Kleenex , the bedside light, my phone, etc. I recently bought a small IKEA Hemnes 2 Drawer chest after measuring the inside of the top drawer at the store. But after putting it next to my bed it’s lower than my old nightstand and because the drawer is deeper the knob is even lower to reach to open. (My bed is tall because it’s an antique) I haven’t drilled the back yet so the C-pap is still sitting on top. But I just discovered IKEA has recently added a new piece in that line similar in size but taller with a third shallower drawer at the top so I’m thinking of getting that instead and moving the 2 drawer chest somewhere else in the house. How tall are the SoClean machines? I’ve been thinking of getting one but am not sure it would fit in a drawer. The plan (if I get the new IKEA piece) is to put my glasses and remotes in the shallow top drawer and put the C-pap in the second drawer. But I’m not sure how I’d deal with the SoClean if I get one. Can anyone give me the dimensions?

  • Trina Trina on Dec 14, 2020

    I did get the skinny 3 drawer unit. The unit doesn’t have anything between the drawers so I didn’t even need to drill, just ran the cord out the back of drawer down to a surge protector underneath the unit. At night I open the middle drawer to access the cpap and hose. Their drawer slides have sort of a double stop so I pull the drawer out and lift it past the first stop and it holds the drawer open and in place so it doesn’t slide back and forth. No modification to the piece was needed. I absolutely love it!

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Jul 20, 2021

    You could both get two end tables that could hide the machines underneath.