I want to put texture on a plain wall in living area.

Light colored tile floor, built in oak cabinets, and red brick fireplace. The wall is 12 feet tall, and 7 feet wide. It's also the wall we have our television cabinet up against. I thought about pallet wood.

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  • Amanda Amanda on Jan 05, 2018
    Hi Lisa. I have used pallet wood doing on a ceiling in the basement. It turned out so nice. I would stain them using a light oak stain, a red stain, maybe a off white or tan stain, and also a darker walnut. Then you stagger them rotating the colors.

  • KattywhampusLOL KattywhampusLOL on Jan 05, 2018
    Hello Lisa, I m posting few links here tht I hope help you. The first one is link of ideas on using pallet wood for wall panels, and also using it for a "few" other ideas ;) The other link is aobut how to actually get the pallet wood ONTO the wall :) IF you choose to do so. Good Luck :) AND BE SFAE: LOOK FOR THE "HT" STAMP ON THE WOODEN PALLETS TO BE SURE IT WAS HEAT TREATED (or no stamp at all which indicates it was treated safely her ein the USA) -- you DON'T want any pallet wood with a stamp OTHER than HT because it would not be safe to have in your home -- it has been treated overseas with stuff our country will not allow for wood treatment (strange, isn't it how we won't allow pallets to be treated with unsafe stuff but we will allow unsafe pallets to enter the country? Hmmm ...anyway BE SAFE):

  • Melissa Ferguson Melissa Ferguson on Jan 05, 2018
    The uglier the piece of wood the better.
    I used three different stains you choose yours.
    Lay plastic protectors
    dark first then medium then the light
    pour stain in a bucket. Dip rag and get into all the natural cracks and knots first.
    Second color new rag, go over your dark and around two inches of any cracks and knots.
    Finally new rag, lightest color wipe all over let set 3 days then seal it
    you’ll love this outcome. So earthy.