Asked on May 05, 2015

Large heavy dresser mirror

Any suggestions as to what can I do with this? I'd hate to get rid of it, and want to repurpose it, but how?
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  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on May 05, 2015
    Its a beautiful mirror. Maybe just use it in your entry way with a narrow shelf under it..a place to check make up or hair before you walk out the door. Or spray it with chalkboard paint and paint the frame to be less formal..or use it with dry erase markers for a message center?
  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on May 05, 2015
    Don't put it on a mantle..I did and in the middle of the night our half grown cat jumped on there and I had a large, heavy mirror crashing on the hearth and bits flying every where. I did not kill the cat.
    • SANDY HOLLY SANDY HOLLY on May 06, 2015
      @Terra Gazelle LOL Yes I have a maltese shih tzu and she loves to run all over!!!
  • Caroline Caroline on May 05, 2015
    I like Terra's ideas. I have one that I am going to chalk paint and use in my bathroom instead of the builder grade huge mirror "slab" that they all install. If you took the mirror out you could paint the frame and use it like a frame for other pictures, plates, graphics,etc. on a gallery wall. Let us know what you do with it!!
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    • Caroline Caroline on May 06, 2015
      @SANDY HOLLY That sounds awesome! Be sure to post the end result!
  • Denise Hardy Denise Hardy on May 05, 2015
    I would be tempted just to paint it to match your bedroom decor and put above your Dresser :)
  • Tashia Tashia on May 05, 2015
    Big mirrors are so pretty and expensive! I love the light they bring into a room when hung opposite a window. I would hang it too,Terra!
  • Lupe Gutierrez Lupe Gutierrez on May 05, 2015
    I would love to own this beauty. Does not need anything, but if you like flowers, I would hang one of those flower swags loosely. I would change it with the seasons and find any wall space available, imagine the Christmas possibilities, mini lights,small shelf with nativity, etc. WOW
  • Cindy Roehm Cindy Roehm on May 05, 2015
    Unlike Terra and her curious cat, I have a landlocked pug and bulldog and we did hang our mirror over the fireplace -- we used a french cleat to secure it to the wall. It MADE the room.
  • CK CK on May 05, 2015
    Hmmm....Well, an easy peasy thing would be to take down the pictures currently hanging on the wall and mount the mirror to the wall. Use heavy duty wall anchors for safety. A mirror like this will add a lot of charm to the room. Putting a small table under the mirror between the chairs will make a lovely seating group. Make sure the mirror isn't mounted too high: eye level is best. If you have a table that's a bit longer than the one shown in the pic ... one that's about 2/3 to 3/4 the width of the mirror, that would be a bit better for proportion. Then make a pretty vignette styled on top of the table and you've got a whole new look. To really pull it together visually, allow some of your tall items on the table to slightly 'overlap' into the mirror frame or slightly into the area of the mirror itself. It helps tie together the whole thing.
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    • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on May 09, 2015
      @CK Agree. Needs a table under that is longer and with some "weight" to it to balance the mirror.
  • Elaine Simmons Elaine Simmons on May 06, 2015
    I am too late with this answer but just wanted to share what I did with a mirror sort of like yours. It belonged to a different dresser than the one pictured. I turned it upside down and painted the chest and the mirror in the same finish. I use it in my foyer. Sorry about the quality of the pic.
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  • I had my husband make a new frame for me out of cherry to match my bedroom suite and we hung it over the chest on chest.. lookslike it came with the suite
  • F P Spillers F P Spillers on May 06, 2015
    I had a large mirror without the decoration. Just turned it on the side, added a sturdy hanger for the wall. I was in a ballet class at the time and that's what I used for my practice. Later, I had it made into a cheval mirror and attached to a large box with a drawer and casters under it. Now my, sewing room has a large mirror for fittings.
  • Carol Carol on May 07, 2015
    If you didn't live in NY, I would have been there to get your mirror yesterday. I am putting together a federal bedroom set for my daughter. So far she has a four poster (cherry) bed, a tall boy (over 7'tall), a dresser over 7 ' long and two night stands. The last item is a mirror for her dresser. This mirror is beyond perfect. Before you paint it, check what it is worth. Also try Craig's list. If you want to sell it let me know. (I'll try to figure out how to get it to her later or how to get it to AZ where I live). I absolutely love it especially the federal shell at the top.
  • Sandy Holly Sandy Holly on May 08, 2015
  • Sandy Sandy on Aug 16, 2015
    How about some chalk paint in a light color? This would help with the heavy look. And do not hang over that pair of chairs unless they are placed next to each other with nothing between. Try it.
  • Pamela Field Pamela Field on Dec 15, 2015
    I have one almost just like that I bought at an auction the other day. I plan to paint it, and sell it as a mirror to replace those flat, frameless bathroom mirrors over the vanity
  • Elaine Simmons Elaine Simmons on Dec 16, 2015
    I am curious to know what you did with it. Please post a pic!
  • I'm in a similar boat with an old, dark china cabinet I inherited, and I plan on using chalk paint in a greyish white color to create a Swedish look. That might be just the ticket for your mirror!
  • Shiloh Dean Shiloh Dean on May 02, 2019

    Was there an update?