Need help identifying our new piece of furniture

We recently purchased this nice piece of antique furniture at auction and would appreciate your help identifying the style and the original purpose of the piece. Thanks.
q need help identifying our new piece of furniture, painted furniture
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  • Brenda De Lair Brenda De Lair on Apr 30, 2014
    I can't give you the info you need, but I can tell you that it is gorgeous. Good hunting.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Apr 30, 2014
    This is a superb perfect shape. I have no idea, but its size and delicate design, I would think it was for a lady's room. If it has shelves behind may those doors, it may have been a lingerie chest for her beautiful nightgowns, etc.

  • Sandy Sandy on Apr 30, 2014
    Thanks, Brenda

  • Cheryl Osborne Sawyers Cheryl Osborne Sawyers on Apr 30, 2014
    I am not an expert, but it looks like an antique linen hutch. As far as the style, are there any markings on the back of the piece?

  • Hi Sandy, You have a love antique china buffet, usually it was in the dining room. The top would have held glassware, dishes or smaller serving pieces. Bottom held table linens, larger serving pieces, maybe silver pieces as well. Its a beauty and I know you will enjoy it in your home, no matter how you use it!

  • Debi McCoy Debi McCoy on May 01, 2014
    Whatever you do, DON'T PAINT IT!!!

  • Sandy Sandy on May 01, 2014
    I wondered if it was a china buffet because it has what looked to be a plate rail on one of the shelves. But not having glass for display made me wonder if it had another purpose. Thanks so much for your help.

  • Sandy Sandy on May 01, 2014
    No, we will not be painting it. I appreciate the efforts of some on this site who do paint. If the piece is in really bad shape, painting might be an option. This piece is in great shape. We are going to clean it up and leave the original finish. Thanks.

  • Capemom8741 Capemom8741 on May 01, 2014
    Enjoy this beautiful piece! My grandmother had one of these cabinets in her dining room. She stored her good china in the cabinet and table cloths in the drawer. She had a similar cabinet with glass doors where she displayed the glassware. .

    • Sandy Sandy on May 01, 2014
      @Capemom8741 Thanks for the info. It does have what appears to be a plate rail on one shelf but the solid doors made me wonder if it had another purpose.

  • Maggie Green Maggie Green on May 01, 2014
    My mother has an almost identical piece and she has always referred to it as "the radio cabinet".

  • Laura Dennison Laura Dennison on May 02, 2014
    I have a similar piece in my kitchen and absolutely love it! It is my liquor and glassware cabinet and I store linens in the drawer.

  • Robin Godby Robin Godby on May 02, 2014
    When I was a kid, we inherited a similar cabinet from my grandmother's estate. We also called it the radio cabinet. Sadly, my mom and her mother-in-law didn't get along. When my parents moved, the first thing to disappear was this cabinet. At that time, I was really mad!

  • Rosemary Kelly Rosemary Kelly on May 02, 2014
    Looks to be a Eastlake Cupboard in magnificent shape! Thank-you for not painting it. ;)

  • Jennifer G Jennifer G on May 02, 2014
    Beautiful piece! Are there any markings on the inside of the drawer, on the back or underneath? I agree that it can be used for linens, dishes or clothing. Make sure to clean and condition it for many more years of use :) Enjoy your find - I'm so jealous!

  • Leslieb127 Leslieb127 on May 02, 2014
    I believe it is a sideboard (a precursor to the china hutch that we use today), commonly used in the dining room, as others have described. And it looks to be of English origin. From what I know, the turned spindle legs indicate that.

  • Patti Ryan Patti Ryan on May 02, 2014
    What a great find! I know you are enjoying it!

  • VL VL on May 02, 2014
    I believe it is called a blind china cabinet, probably from the Depression Era.

  • Babby Blair Babby Blair on May 02, 2014
    You have a beautiful piece. My grandmother had a matching set of a HUGE table/chairs, a linen buffet and a hutch like this one. Although hers had glass in the front of it. I love antiques like this and glad to hear you are leaving the original finish. my mother used to restore items like this. You will love it.

  • Judy Judy on May 02, 2014
    What a wonderful find! I'm sure you would never consider painting it!

  • GR GR on May 03, 2014
    The design is very like what here in the UK we would call a court cupboard (the ones with open shelves at the top were called pot cupboards). They date back centuries but reproductions were still manufactured until the 1930's. Originally they were used for storing tableware, linens, and valuables. It's a lovely piece - enjoy!

  • JB JB on May 03, 2014
    I have a set of 3 pieces that look to be the same pattern. I have a large dining room table and 6 chairs, a buffet, and a china cabinet with a beautiful glass door and a roomy 2-door section under that. I have inspected every piece for some indication of who made it. The only marking I have found is a date on the bottom of the buffet....1900. It has been in my family for 4 generations, that I know of. So they were probably the original owners, and I cherish it dearly. The wood on the buffet and china cabinet have a lovely burl-wood design. I'd love to know what it is worth. Anyone know how to find a good Antique Appraiser?

  • VL VL on May 04, 2014
    I do not know an antique appraiser personally; however, you may be able to find a similar set and determine its approximate worth... Here are three links if you'd like to get started:

  • Wendy Kehoe Wendy Kehoe on May 05, 2014
    Beautiful piece.

  • NoniKaponi NoniKaponi on May 06, 2014
    It's a Jacobian Court cabinet, they were made in the '20's. I have one too,

  • Susan Kleinberg Susan Kleinberg on Aug 31, 2014
    That's what I was going to say. The style is Jacobean. They made repros in the early 1900's until about 1930s. Friends of my parents had a houseful when I was in my teens (I'm 67 now) and probably still do. It was probably worth money even then.

  • Marilyn Marilyn on Dec 21, 2014
    I believe it is made by an American Company called Berkey and Gay. They did many high quality pieces that have become collectable by many. Here is a link to get you started in your search. I have a dining set (table with two leaves, 7 chairs, buffet) that I love that an elderly neighbor left to me when I was in my twenties. I'm much older than that now but my love for it and my neighbor have never faded. Please research it before you paint it and destroy any intrinsic value it may have. I was lucky as my set is in perfect condition. Painting is fine for pieces that have veneer damage and such but this company has pieces that are only a scant few years short of becoming genuine antiques that it would be a shame to avoid the research and destroy lovely valuable pieces in my humble opinion. Good luck on your search and I sincerely hope this is helpful to you.

  • Marilyn Marilyn on Dec 21, 2014
    Oops! For some reason the link didn't take in the post above. Perhaps it will this time.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Dec 21, 2014
    Beautiful! Glad to hear you're not going to slap a coat of chaulk paint on it..

  • Suzette Trimmer Suzette Trimmer on Jan 14, 2015
    I offer up myself as the sacrificial lamb/messenger, with regards to this piece being an authentic antique. I base this comment on my own experience with similar pieces. Look at the back legs they don not match the front.This mostly occurs in reproductions. The real McCoys always have four exact matching legs, or so I have been led to believe. Could I be completely wrong, absolutely. As far as what and who may have made this, I know it is to be a Jacobean Court Cabinet that everyone got correctly, though I may be inclined to think it could also be a Pennsyalviana House piece of craftsmanship, possibly. I eagerly await to be corrected or validated. Thank you for letting me put in my two cents.

  • Holly Ohara Holly Ohara on Apr 18, 2020

    I inguired a similiar piece the other day and Im trying to find some detail on it also so far your piece is the closest I have found on it do we know for sure what yours is yet.