This door is HIDEOUS - I need help!

I am renting this home and it is quite nice except for this door. I am unable to remove it but I am allowed to gussy it up but HOW? I mean this is unusually gross. If anyone can come up with an idea please share.
q this is hideous i need help, doors, home decor, home decor dilemma, This is the ugliest door I ve ever seen I thought I d just paint that bird black hee hee
This is the ugliest door I've ever seen...I thought I'd just paint that bird black hee hee
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  • Emi Harr Emi Harr on Apr 28, 2016
    Hang a seasonal wreath over the bird... change it with the seasons?

  • Rachel Draper Rachel Draper on Apr 28, 2016
    Oooh,, yah, hmmm..... I'd probably just paint it with white enamel! Please post the after! :)

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 28, 2016
    I agree on covering up that bird, and repaint the metal to brighten it up.

  • Ranger Ranger on Apr 28, 2016
    I feel the door would look better with the bird removed (perhaps attach low down on a back shed?), and paint the door pieces a white or off white colour (use a paint that deters insects). Love to see an 'after' pic... good luck.

  • Renae Breskovich Renae Breskovich on Apr 28, 2016
    The bird definitely looks like an add-on - can you remove it without damaging the door? The door looks aluminum, folks, I wouldn't paint it but use a restorer or a mild abrasive cleaner (gel) to shine it up. It can be that bit of quirkiness you'll come to love.

  • DF DF on Apr 28, 2016
    Is this door under cover from outdoor elements? If so, then maybe you could make a cover panel on outside and inside section of door large enough to attach at the nearest horizontal piece of the screen door. I'm thinking something light weight like foam core board covered with fabric or paint, even light weight luan board? Attaching with small zip ties in the corners going around the horizontal parts of the door. Good Luck!

  • MN Mom MN Mom on Apr 28, 2016
    Go with the flow! If your landlord won't let you change it your hands are tied. I would give that pheasant a name and consider him your doorman!

  • Cheryon Cheryon on Apr 28, 2016
    How fun to have an eclectic front door! Your picture doesn't give a good view of the entire entryway, but here's a couple of ideas that I would do if it was mine to decorate. 1. Paint the entire door either matte silver, matte platinum, or black. Then build entryway flowerpots or urns that have other bird elements painted the colour you've chosen on the door. This would lend itself to an Asian theme. 2. Paint the entire door a creamy color then using flower pots or old barrels, or tin pails add rustic elements to give a country home or shabby chic look. Another fun part of this ornamental pheasant is it would make decorating the front door for fall and winter very easy, by placing a large wreath around the entire pheasant and adding leaves for Autum and Evergreen sprigs for CHRIST~mas. Hope this helps!

  • Jennifer Muller Jennifer Muller on Apr 28, 2016
    If you're stuck with it, go campy! Make him some little outfits for holidays, etc. and have fun with it

  • Jean Myles Jean Myles on Apr 28, 2016
    I agree withDF

  • Pgl Pgl on Apr 28, 2016
    Don't fight it join it...tacky is as make a sign that says " It's pheasant to see you" or go find some dry or artificial looking field flowers and grasses and dress up the are around the pheasant. Or have a sign that says " I am pheasantly busy, please be patient"

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    • Colleen Colleen on Apr 29, 2016
      Tooooo funny! There used to be a restaurant in my home town called the "Pheasant Plucker". Dub him that and have fun watching when the inevitable reversal pops into people's minds.

  • Ter5846113 Ter5846113 on Apr 28, 2016
    I would paint everything but the screen part with annie sloan chalk paint in their darkest color,( i think its called charcoal?) no prep or primer needed, then use their wax to seal it.

  • Liz Liz on Apr 28, 2016
    Maybe they will allow you to take the door down long enough to spray paint it, including the pheasant, an oil rubbed bronze. Oil rubbed bronze is a dark, unifying color that will 'disguise' and subdue the pheasant and make him blend in with the door. I love the cute ideas others have given you! Too bad the pheasant can't be removed, because he would look great on a stained wood board as a background for fall decorations.

  • Colleen Colleen on Apr 28, 2016
    Curious why does the door have to stay? It looks like there is already an exterior door there. They won't let you take it off and just store it somewhere, but they'll let you change it's appearance? What's the big deal?

    • Packrat Packrat on Apr 29, 2016
      @Colleen I agree! If I was the home owner, I'd have more complaint about painting it than temporarily storing it. The owner must have liked it.

  • Heidy Heidy on Apr 29, 2016
    OMG I love that door!

    • Suzann Suzann on Apr 29, 2016
      So do I. I would hate to see it painted or changed in any way. It is a true relic from the past.

  • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Apr 29, 2016
    Hide it. Is it possible to cover it up with a wreath? Or paint it all one, solid, light medal color so it doesn't stand out so much? I agree, it's ugly & a worse paint job.

  • Mark Mark on Apr 29, 2016
    Enjoy it. Put a collar with a bell on the bird.

  • Lyn2398900 Lyn2398900 on Apr 30, 2016
    First thought: aim a gun at it from above! Kidding, I think....I'm with Colleen, store it.

  • Jsm5179467 Jsm5179467 on May 01, 2016
    I can't STOP LAUGHING!!!!! SHOOT IT!

  • Celeste.glascoe.njoku Celeste.glascoe.njoku on May 01, 2016
    I would cover it with a large picture the width of the door. Put it in a frame attach it to the door using wire.

  • Alice Roberts Alice Roberts on May 01, 2016
    Actually, i can't figure out how it is attached...but if it can't be removed, could you store the door? Will they allow you to paint it like Mickey said? Whatever you do to the door, you will have to do something to both sides, otherwise, the shape of the pheasant will show through the outline on the screen. So, you could do what Celeste said, but it would bother me to see the back side, so I would have to do the same thing on both sides. Depending on whether or not this door is exposed to weather, like does it rain on that door, in storms? If so, you would have to be sure that whatever you use won't be damaged or absorb water and mildew either. Also, do you have room between the doors to cover the back side? I would do something like a frame with a backing and a door wreath inside it on the outside. Or you could skip the wreath and you could do a plain solid color of canvas or a marine plywood that you could paint or stencil or decorative backing on the interior side. Maybe you can find a water resistant spray coating to use or a coating over a wallpaper sample you can frame, on each side since a wreath on the exterior side is not going to cover the back side of the pheasant up. If that doesn't matter, then that will be easier to do. I doubt that helps...Maybe it will inspire some other thoughts

  • Pamela J. Ludington-Rice Pamela J. Ludington-Rice on May 02, 2016
    WOWZA! Well....ahem...Did they define "gussy it up"? Can you paint it? I'd paint it and the curly Q's the same color. Is the entire door aluminum color except for the atrocious bird thingy? Can you send us a pic of the entire door?? How about a big wreath of some sort to cover it up?

  • Sue Sue on May 07, 2016
    How about weaving a few strings of lights ( battery ?) back and forth over the whole thing....wrap the actual bird in tinfoil so it reflects the lights back out and just looks like an abstract shaped lighting feature ???? Other than that ...... I'm all for the idea that adds 100 more birds as see if the owner hates it SO much they demand you take the whole thing down !!!! Good luck !!

  • Kristine ParkGross Kristine ParkGross on May 07, 2016
    Hunt every $store for something else the same size that's nicer, sun, flower, ECT and figure a way too clip it on to the scroll work around the pheasant or use a tin $store serving tray leftover from the holidays, decorate that & use a hot glue gun to stick it right onto that bird then when you have to remove it a hairdryer should heat up the glue enough to be able to get the tray off(if not hot glue then go for double sided adhesive, very strong one from home supply store) any paint damage to bird can easily be touched up without least until you're long gone) good luck with your efforts and if nothing seems to work...embrace the bird and tell your friends it's an old Amish symbol of protection and prosperity lol. Again good luck (you could repaint it to look like a peacock? Use acrylic paints, as long as you don't seal them they should wash off with hot soapy water and muscle, again good luck!) KPG

  • Kristine ParkGross Kristine ParkGross on May 07, 2016
    BTW if you can't take the scrollwork and pheasant off(which you usually can in order to change out screen for glass) just remove the whole door and store it in the basement, shed, attic...temp replace it for one you like then when you move just re-hang the original door...good luck!

  • Pgl Pgl on May 08, 2016
    there is a good chance the owner deliberately placed it on the rental ,to make it easier to fine for interested renters

  • Sue Young Sue Young on Jun 27, 2016
    Don't forget that you are might find the door hideous, but many such as myself find it quite interesting and goes back to the 50's and 60's .......just saying maybe you should just remove it and replace with another door until you move out.

  • Nick Nick on Jun 27, 2016
    Take it off tell homeowners a hunter shot it

  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Jun 27, 2016
    I would spray paint the whole door white. I would add a patchwork of stained wood pieces to frame out the windows & scroll work on the top part of the door. Use E-6000 or epoxy. Then paint the pheasant black. Hope this helps.

  • Bill Bill on Jun 27, 2016
    Remember you are renting and the door was probably there when you moved in. Contact the owner and ask if he would mind if you replaced the door with one more to your liking and you or he could safely store the original until you gave your notice to move at which time you would replace the original. Diplomacy and tact beats an upset landlord.

  • Lynn Goins Lynn Goins on Jun 28, 2016
    That entire scroll piece should have screws to remove it. Hide it under a bed or couch until you move out and put it back on before you leave.

  • Meryn Iggs Meryn Iggs on Jun 28, 2016
    If it's the pheasant you don't like wrap it up like an egyptian mummy and tell the owner you didn't want to damage it! I actually don't mind the door ,it's quite funny!On trend now with kitch and retro!

  • IFortuna IFortuna on Aug 12, 2016
    It's so retro I love it ! Mask off the pheasant and paint the rest of the screen door flat black. It would be a great upcycle if your landlord would agree to it. Otherwise, just ask him to change it out or to change it if you offer to pay for it. I hope you repurpose it, it is really a fine piece of the 60's. : )

  • Kerry O'Neil Kerry O'Neil on Aug 13, 2016
    decorative wreath? there are tons of great handmade options on here including one with a pool noodle ;)

  • JaineyCakes JaineyCakes on Sep 08, 2016
    I don't see anything wrong with the pheasant as is. It's a retro piece and special,

  • Wal34176712 Wal34176712 on Oct 02, 2018

    4 screws will take it off

    pack it up and send it to me

    I love it

    have one like it at the cottage


  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Oct 02, 2018

    LOVE the pheasant ... wish I had it ... but that not solving your problem; Remove it -- send to Property Owner with a package that require a SIGNED RECEIPT of DELIVERY!!! in a few years, you could forget where you stored it, or the owner could say they never got it -- and you keep track of the receipt more easily than then entire thing ... scan a copy of the receipt and store in your computer, as well as putting the hard copy in the file you use for other things for the home.