Can I re-used wax from melted candles?

i have a lot of used wax melt candle in my big jar, and i don't know if i can re use it, like recycle it, can i use it again even they are variety of smell?
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  • Cwh6899259 Cwh6899259 on May 15, 2017
    Go buy some wicks. Get some containers to make candles in (small yogurt containers, empty candle glasses, frozen juice container, etc). Melt wax in double boiler (large yogurt contain in pot of water). Pour a little wax into container and place wick in it, submerging the metal disk, being careful to centre the wick, hold until wax is firmed up. Put in freezer or fridge while you remelt the wax in your double boiler setup. Take your container with the wick, hold wick in centre of candle and pour in the wax. Wind wick around bamboo skewer, chopsticks or pencils, etc. to hole the wick in the centre of container.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on May 17, 2017
    You can reuse the mixed wax in about any way you would use new wax, except for food purposes like canning and glossing chocolates. Cwhittaker showed about the best way to make new candles. Other uses might be to make a wax puddle in a vessel instead of putty to hold flowers and greenery for an arrangement. Or pour about a quart of melted wax into a container; as it cools a little, plunge in your hand without jewelry; in one minute, remove your wax covered hand and plunge it into an ice water bath for thirty seconds; then slide your hand out and you have a wax cast of your hand. Another idea is to keep a small jar of wax and a 3-4" wrapped paintbrush handy for someone with arthritis in the hands. Heat the jar only thirty seconds in a microwave, then brush some wax on the top side of the hurting hands. The warm wax helps many people. (Use salt and warm water to wash hands free of the wax when it stops helping.) Whatever projects you decide to do with your wax, best wishes.

  • C.B. C.B. on May 17, 2017
    Yes you can! Combine only the scents that you think would smell good together...Ready your wick by cutting the length you need & fastening to a small dowel suspended over your new/recycled container, then place your container[s] of partially used wax into a pan of water & heat slowly, once the scents you are going to use have liquefied, pour them into the new container where your new wick is suspended. Let set until cool...repeat. ENJOY your new candles!

  • L.fly1130 L.fly1130 on May 17, 2017
    I often use tart wax for fragrance in my dresser drawers