What is the best way to hang this plate hanger on the wall?

q what is the best way to hang this plate hanger on the wall
q what is the best way to hang this plate hanger on the wall
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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Oct 01, 2017
    I would do away completely with the plate hanger, and mount a floating shelf first on the wall where you would like the plate to be displayed. These plate hangers besides being dated, are rather flimsy as they can easily be knocked and moved, can look junky as they show hardware, and are limited to one use.
    It looks as though the plate is a once-in-a-child's-life treasure, and it would be worth it to make sure that it is displayed in a manner that is sturdy.

    A floating shelf gives any item on it more prominence, shows no hardware, and is versatile to display a variety of different items.

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    • Flipturn Flipturn on Oct 02, 2017
      You're welcome. The floating shelves that have a little front edge to them offer more support than the flat style for items displayed.

  • Kel28819681 Kel28819681 on Oct 01, 2017
    The new 'command strips' are easy to use and easy to remove, in case you want to move it or take it with you when you move. No holes to fix later on either.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 01, 2017
    Buy a plastic wall plate hanger from Craft Shop or eBay..........

  • Jacquie Jacquie on Oct 01, 2017
    I use DISC adhesive plate hangers from England that I purchased on Amazon.

  • Judy Judy on Oct 01, 2017
    interesting...are they easy to put off or would part of the wall come off too???

    • Judy Judy on Oct 01, 2017
      Doh, nevermind, needed that second cup of coffee...goes on plate not wall!

  • 19698379 19698379 on Oct 01, 2017
    How about a wire plate hanger? You can get them at a hardware store, Target, for very little money and then hang the wire on a nail or hook. I like the floating shelf idea, too.

  • Recycler Recycler on Oct 01, 2017
    Love the idea of using painters tape to spare the wall and a glue gun to attach plate to the tape . You can replace the tape every year or so to make sure the adhesive fresh . Got that idea on Hometalk

  • Anna Butler Anna Butler on Oct 01, 2017
    I glue tabs off pop cans onto the plate then hang with a picture frame hanging hook.