What kind of glue skillet do you recommend

by Michele
  4 answers
  • B. Enne B. Enne on Sep 08, 2017
    I'm sorry I had to respond...I didn't even know what a glue skillet was, and it is a great concept!!!
    The FPC Surebonder Electric Glue Skillet, 7-Inch has good reviews...but you probably already knew that...
    I'm wondering if an old electric skillet, although huge, would do the same...I often see them at the thrift stores because they are scratched up.

  • Cindy Cindy on Sep 08, 2017
    Hello Michelle, I too had to look on google. I had never heard of a glue skillet. I agree with B.Enne, You could save a lot of money using an electric skillet or even an electric pot.

  • KW KW on Sep 08, 2017
    Hi Michelle, I too had never heard of a glue skillet :) and I make candles!! In researching I have noticed you can use an electric skillet, wok, crock pot, but they must be temperature controlled. :)

    Alternatively, if you have Amazon Prime, you can also buy one for $10.27 with Prime shipping:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0019MEHW0/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_x_mFZSzbA62BE6D...Walmart has them, too but they are more expensive...hope this helps!

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Sep 09, 2017
    I never heard of a glue skillet. EJL.

    • Colimbia1 Colimbia1 on Sep 11, 2017
      The lady that waxes my eyebrows has something she heats her wax in. Don't know if it is something special or if it is a kitchen pot, like a small slow cooker, or what. Sure will pay attention next time I am there.