Tip: Decorating Walls

Instead of painting my wall with the sample/testers, I keep a large and small canvas picture (frameless) that I got in a charity shop and paint it with my sample. That way I can move it all around the room to judge how light and shadows vary. When I find the colour I'm happy with I can then take the smaller canvas with me to shop for matching accessories.
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  • William William on Jan 24, 2017
    Very cool tip. Better than the paint swatches or paint spots around a room.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 25, 2017
    This is brilliant! Thank you!

  • Joanie Joanie on Jan 25, 2017
    Shells around a shared beach or ocean picture of someone. Maybe, just a picture of the ocean or palms trees, etc. the beach itself???

  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Jan 29, 2017
    I knew an older gentleman that was a painter and he used old pieces of plywood to do samples of different painting techniques like textured walls and ceilings or glazed walls to show clients. He also painted the plywood with primer and did the same for sample colors. When he was done with that color he just primed again and used it for the next job.

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Jan 31, 2017
    Such a good idea...or even poster board from dollar store. Will keep this in mind.
    i had about 6 different paint swipes on each wall..for a few days...finally I had to paint to keep from getting agitated! Those walls were too busy and indecisive.