String it into an outdoor tree hanger

It’s an easy way to add some bright colors to your backyard. Get tutorial here

String them into a pom pom garland

Perfect for Valentine’s day (or any day) this is a cute way to add yarn to your home decor. Get tutorial here

Turn your IKEA table into a work of art

Hammer in nails and string some yarn into this stunning and vibrant table. Get tutorial here

Wrap them into a fun lamp shade

Check out this video tutorial on how to make yarn into a lamp shade. Get tutorial here

Add some fuzzy tassels to your blanket

This makes your blanket look even more inviting, and adds some decor to your couch. Get tutorial here

Add pom pom to your mason jars

Make them look like apples and these double as a great teacher’s gift. Get tutorial here

Decorate your plastic flower pot

Not loving the standard brown? Jazz it up with some colorful yarn. Get tutorial here

Make some colorful ornaments

Whether it’s gold and red or bright neon colors, this is a fun addition to your tree. Get tutorial here

Doll up your vase or mason jar

It’s so simple to do, and it gives it so much character. Get tutorial here

Turn them into pom poms for your basket

It’s a simple and cute way to update your wicker baskets. Get tutorial here

Pair it with burlap for a cute heart wreath

Wrap it around a wreath form for an instant heartwarming wreath. Get tutorial here

Twist them into a floral crown

A fun project to do with the kids, and it doubles as a prop for play time. Get tutorial here

Jazz up a boring picture frame

Grab some colorful yarn and start wrapping it around. Get tutorial here

Wrap it into a pendant light

Use a tomato cage and your favorite colors for this fun pendant lamp. Get tutorial here

Or go all out with a boho fringe chandelier

We absolutely love how this chandelier turned out. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a pom pom rug

Just make (or buy) pom poms and loop them together into a plush and comfy rug. Get tutorial here